each other与one another的用法区别

each otherone another的用法区别
根据传统语法,人们认为one another 用于三者或三者以上,而用于两者须用each other。但在现代英语中,两者常可换用。如:
一、each other 的用法
1. each other 用于两者
Mark and Mandy smiled at each other. 马克和曼迪冲彼此笑了笑。
The two accidents are independent of each other. 这两个意外事件互不相关。
The two players clapped each other on the back. 两个选手互相拍了拍对方的背。
The two lines pass across each other at right angles. 这两条直线成直角相交。
Advanced and backward only exist in comparison with each other. 先进与落后只有在相互比较中才存在。
They two companies allied with each other against their competitors. 那两家公司互相联合起来以对抗他们的竞争者。
2. each other用于三者或多者
They use much ceremony with each other. 他们彼此之间彬彬有礼。
Friends are not supposed to hurt each other. 朋友不应该互相伤害。
It won’t be long before they understand each other. 过不了多久他们就会互相了解的。
School children often communicate colds to each other. 学校孩童常互相传染感冒。
Don’t lay the newly painted sticks across each other. 不要把新漆过的棍子交叉放着。
They fit closely together and connect with each other. 它们紧密地卡合在一起,联结成一个整体。
Almost all the countries in this region are in dispute with each other. 在这个地区,几乎所有的国家之间都有争端。

二、one another 的用法
1. one another 用于两者
The two men greeted one another warmly. 两个人亲切地互相问候。
The two men carefully avoided one another. 这两个人都小心地躲着对方。
The couple provided the perfect foil for one another. 这对夫妇非常般配。
2. one another用于三者或多者
Students should help one another. 学生应该互相帮助。
The team members felt tremendous loyalty towards one another. 队员互相都非常信任。
The various dialects are quite distinct from one another. 各种方言之间存在着相当的差异。
I never cease to be amazed at the way people hurt one another. 人们互相伤害的方式令我惊讶不已。
It is important that we should be fair with one another. 我们相互之间应该公平对待,这一点很重要。
He has made a special study of the way that birds communicate with one another. 他就鸟类之间的沟通进行了专门研究。

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