all和the whole连用时间时的用法说明

allthe whole连用时间时的用法说明  
all表时间可与 (the) day, (the) night, (the) week, (the) year, (the) summer 等词组连用 (也有用 all of 的情况,但不常见)。如:  
Monica spent all (the) day with us. 莫尼卡整天和我们呆在一起。  
I waited all (the) week for, him to answer. 我整整一个星期都在等他的回音。  
When we were students we would often stay up all (the) night. 我们当学生时,经常通宵不睡。  
You have been in the city all (the) summer, I suppose? 我料想你整个夏天都在市内,是吗?  
the whole 用来指时间时,其语气比 all 强。如:  
Julie spent the whole week at home. 朱莉在家里呆了整整一个星期。  
Consequently I had to walk the whole day. 因此我不得不走了一整天。  
Because he had a bad cold, Jack decided to stay in bed the whole day. 杰克由于患了重感冒,遂决定整天卧床休息。  
all  习惯上不可与 hour century 连用,遇此情况可用 the whole。如:  
He lived the whole century. 他活过了整个世纪。  
He stood the whole hour in the rain. 他在雨中站了整整一个小时。  

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