It’s time后接定语从句的几点用法

It’s time the child __________ to bed.
A. goes                        B. going                        C. went                        D. to go
此题应选C。关于It’s timethat从句,注意以下几点:
1. 从句谓语通常用过去时态或should+动词原形:
It’s time we started. 我们该动身了。
It is time that you left here. 你该离开这儿了。
It’s time you studied hard. 你该努力学习了。
有时也用 should+动词原形或用过去进行时,有时甚至将 should 省略(即只用动词原形,为非正式的美国口语)
正:It is time we left. (常见)
正:It is time we should leave. (可用)
正:It is time we were leaving. (可用)
正:It is time we leave. (少见,非正式美国口语)
2. 其他几点注意处:(
(1) 其中的 It is 有时根据情况也可改为 It was,其后的时态不受影响:
正:It is time you went to bed. (指现在而言)
正:It was time you went to bed. (指过去而言)
(2) time 前可以用 highabout 等修饰。
It is high time you told her the truth. 你该把真相告诉她了。
It is about time that I wrote her a letter. 我该给她写封信了。

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