the rest (of)等作主语,谓语的数取决于什么

a. The rest of the boys __________ watching TV.
b. The rest of the money __________ stolen.
A. werewere             B. waswere              C. werewas                D. waswas
此题应选 Callmostsomehalfpercentthe rest等词语后接介词of再接名词用作主语时,若该名词为可数名词的复数形式,则其谓语要用复数形式; 若该名词为不可数名词或可数名词的单数形式,则其谓语要用单数形式(
1. a. Most of the apples are bad. 这些苹果当中大部分是坏的。
b. Most of the apple is bad. 这个苹果坏了一大部分。
c. Most of the time was spent on it. 这上面花了大部分时间。
2. a. Half of the buildings were destroyed in the fire. 有一半的楼房在大火中被毁。
b. Half of the building was destroyed in the fire. 这座大楼在大火中有一半被毁。
c. Half of the money was spent on food. 有一半的钱用来买食物。
3. a. 30 percent of the workers here are women. 这里的工人有30%是女性。
b. 30 percent of the work has been done. 30% 的工作已完成。
c. 30 percent of the wall has been painted. 墙壁有30%已被刷漆。

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