1. 表示给某人举例,一般用动词 give。如:
Here I give you some more examples. 这里我再给大家举几个例子。
Below is an example of a business letter. 下面是一封商业信函的例子。
This dictionary has many examples of how words are used. 这部词典有许多说明词语用法的实例。
2. 表示树立榜样,一般用 set。如:
I rely on you to set a good example. 我全靠你来树立个好榜样。
As a teacher, you should learn to set an example with your own conduct. 作为一名教师,你应该学会以身作则。
She has set us a good example. 她为我们树立了好榜样。
You should set an example to [for] them.=You should set them an example. 你应该给他们树立一个榜样。
3. 表示学习某人的榜样或照某人的样子,通常用动词 follow copy,不要按汉语习惯用动词learnstudy。如:
He is a good example for us to follow. 他是我们学习的好榜样。
I’ll show you how to hit the ball and then you must follow [copy] my example. 我先做给你看如何击球,然后你必须照我的示范去做。
4. for example 意为例如,用作插入语,在句中位置比较灵活。如:
Great men have risen from povertyLincoln and Edison, for example. 大人物往往出身贫寒,例如林肯和爱迪生。
There are many big cities in Europe, for example, London, Paris and Rome. 欧洲有许多大城市,如伦敦、巴黎和罗马。
for example 举例时,所举之例通常是词或短语,但有时也可以是句子。如:
Each situation is different. For example, a man with a rich wife doesn’t have to work. 情况各有不同,例如,娶了有钱妻子的男人就不必工作。
Many young people are taking radio courses in English. There is the boy next door, for example. 许多年轻人在学广播英语课程,比如隔壁那个男孩就是。
5. 与动词take连用,表示……为例,可以有多种搭配形式。如:
Take my case for an example. 以我的情况为例。
Take our factory as an example. The vicemanager was a worker. 就拿我们厂来说吧,副厂长曾是一名工人。
A lot of women manage to bring up families and go out to work at the same timetake Angela, for example. 很多女子既能料理家务同时又外出工作——譬如安杰拉,就是个例子。

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