especially, specially, particularly的用法区别

especially, specially, particularly的用法区别
1. 用于形容词或副词前,强调程度,意为特别,三者都可用。如:
It is particularly [especially, specially] cold today. 今天特别冷。
I was feeling particularly [especially, specially] tired this evening. 今天晚上我特别累。
I especially [particularly, specially] want to see that film. 我特别想看那部电影。
2. 用于强调目的,表示特意”“专门等,通常用 specially especially,一般与表目的的不定式或介词 for 短语连用。如:
He came specially [especially] to see me. 他是专程来看我的。
I made this specially [especially] for your birthday. 这是我特意为你生日而做的。
3. 表示陈述某一事实之后,列举一个具有代表性的例子,作进一步强调,一般用 especially,有时也用particularly,其后可接名词、介词短语、从句等。如:
The meal was excellent, particularly the dessert. 这顿饭味道很不错,尤其是甜点。
Our garden is beautiful, especially in fall. 我家庭院非常美,尤其在秋天。
You shouldn’t work so hard, especially after you have been ill. 你不应该这样用功,特别是在你生病以后。

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