must 和 have to的用法区别

must 和 have to

  1. must 侧重于个人意志和主观上的必要。have to 侧重于客观上的必要,可用于现在时、过去时和将来时。例如:

I know I must study hard. 我知道我必须努力学习。

My brother was very ill, so I had to call the doctor in the mid-night.

我弟弟病得厉害, 我只得半夜里把医生请来。

I haven’t got any money with me, so I’ll have to borrow some from my friend.


He said they must work hard.他说他们必须努力工作。

  1. have to可以用于多种时态;而must只用于一般现在或将来。例如:

The composition is due to hand in this morning, so I had to finish it last night.


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