be of + 抽象名词

 be of 结构的用法总结

请看课本中的句子:Freedom fighters can be found everywhere, and they are of all times.(Unit 14)自由战士在各个地区,各个时期都存在。

分析:该句的后半句,采用了be of接名词来说明句子的主语所具有的性质或特征。这是一种很常用的句式。

be of 后可接两种不同性质和类型的名词,他们的意义大相径庭。

  1. be of 后可接value,  importance,  use,  help,  significance, interest, benefit 等一些抽象名词,这样的结构用来说明句子主语所具有的作用、重要性或意义。  在这类抽象名词前我们可用一些形容词,如: great, little, some, any, no, not much等来修饰抽象名词,用以说明程度。如:

1)They are of great help to learners of English.


2)The book will be of great value to students of history.


3)The meeting is of great importance.


4)This medicine is of no use.


5)This matter is of no significance.


在“be of + 抽象名词”结构中, 其意义就相当于 “be + 与该抽象名词同词根的形容词”。如:be of value→be valuable,   be of help→be helpful,  be of use→be useful,  be of importance→be important,    be of significance→be significant等。它们之间可以相互转换, 因此,以上各例句可转换为:

They are very helpful to learners of English.

This book is very valuable to students of history.

This meeting is very important.

This medicine is useless.

This matter is insignificant.

  1. be of +名词,还可用来说明句子主语在度量,大小,颜色,类别等方面的特征。这类名词有 colour, age, size, height, weight, shape, type, kind等。在这类名词前常用different, all, the same, this, that,  a(n) + 形容词等词来修饰或说明。如:

1)Coins may be of different sizes, weights, shapes, and of different metals.  


2)These pens are of many different colours.


3)The two rooms are of a size / of the same size.


4)He is of the same weight as his brother.


5)The productive forces were of a very low level.


6)City Lights and Modern Times were of this kind.


注意:此类句型中的某些表达可以转换成  “be + different / the same + in + 抽象名词” 的形式。如:  

Coins may be different in size, weight, shape, and metal.

These pens are different in colour.

The two rooms are the same in size.


  • Did you enjoy yourself at the party?

    Sorry to say I didn’t. It was ____a meeting  than a party. 

  1. more of B. rather like  C. less of  D. more or les
  • I’m sorry, young man. We don’t find anything ______ in your information
  1. A.of valuable B. of value  C. of values  D. great valuable

 答案:A B

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