• 形容词:

My work is far from good. 我的工作离好还差得很远呢。

It is anything but bad. 这完全不是什么坏事。

It is anything but pleasant. 这事很不愉快。

He is anything but diligent. 他一点也不勤奋。

The bridge is anything but safe. 那桥一点也不安全。

All the girls fancied him like mad.  所有的女孩子都疯狂地爱她。

Entries came from all over the world. 参赛作品来自世界各地。

What he has done is far from satisfactory.  他的所作所为远远不能令人满意。

As a consequence, the Kooris have been able to live for thousands of years in a desert land in which a foreigner would quickly die from lack of water and food. 结果,古利人几千年来能够在一片沙漠中生存下来,如果一个外来人到达这里,很快就会因为缺乏水和食物而死去。

Amundsen’s career was far from ended. 阿蒙森的事业远没有结束。

I’m afraid that your conclusion is far from correct.  恐怕你的结论很不正确。

They mashed his face with their boots, and kicked and beat his body brutally with clubs, leaving him for dead. 他们穿着靴子踩他的脸,还残忍地踢他、用棍棒打他,最后扔下半死不活的他扬长而去。

  • 副词:

I could see him from where I was hiding. 我可以从藏身的地方看到他。

Where are you from? 你来自哪里?

This summer vacation has been different from before. 今年暑假与以前有所不同。

He returned from overseas five years ago. 五年前他从海外归来。

It’s so cold in here.   这儿太冷了。

I have gotten to where I wanted to be.  我已经到了曾经想去的地方。

Have you decided on where to travel? 你决定去哪里旅游了吗?

Have you decided on when to start your own business? 你决定好什么时候开始创业了吗?

Bats do not see well. Instead, they listen to where they are going. 蝙蝠视力不好,它们飞到哪儿要用耳朵去听。

  • 动词:

She did everything from buy groceries for homeless families to start schools for children. 从为无家可归的家庭买日常用品到开办儿童学校,她无事不做。

Last evening I did nothing but repair my farm tools.昨天晚上除了修理农具外,我没有做其它事情。

He did nothing but play chess yesterday.  他昨天除下棋外什么也没干。

What could I do but wait here? 我除了在这儿等还能干什么?

There was nothing to do but wait till he came back.. 只能等他回来。

That encouraged instead of discouraged us. 那不但没有使我们泄气,反而鼓励了我们。

  • 分词:

He took it for granted that it would not rain. 他想当然地认为天不会下雨。

  • 数词:

He is the last but one in the class. 他在班里排倒数第二。

I’ve read all these books but two. 除了两本之外这些书我都看过了。

The boy took two eggs instead of one. 这个孩子不是拿了一只鸡蛋,而是拿了两只。

—Kennedy Airport, please. I have to be there by 7.

—I can’t promise but I’ll do my best.


Nasser was held by police for 10 days at one time. 纳塞曾被警方关了十天。

In his twenties, Charles began to write and soon became famous.


Ever up at five or six o’clock ? I swear, those July morning skies are so rosy……like heaven is blushing.  你有没有在早上五、六点钟起过床?我敢发誓,七月的晨空布满了玫瑰色的朝霞,就仿佛是上天羞红的脸庞。

  • 反身代词:

Do you have anything to say for yourself? 你还有没有什么可以为自己辩护的?

He had already built a chemistry lab for himself. 他已经为自己建了一个化学实验室。

And perhaps that’s why I’ve lost faith in humanity, in God and in myself.


  • 不定代词:

Don’t get your monkey up for nothing. 别无缘无故生气。

They argued about nothing. 他们没对任何事情进行争论。(或:他们对无意义的事情进行了争论。)

The pickpocket ran away like anything when he saw the policeman. 扒手一见警察就拼命地逃跑。

  • 指示代词:

His courage and determination helped him in this. 他的勇气和决心在这方面帮了他。

  • 不定式:

In one of his books, Marx gave some advice on how to learn a foreign language.


She was about to leave when the door bell rang. 她正要离开,突然门铃响了。

He wanted to do some homework instead of to watch TV.  他想做点作业,而不想看电视。

They can also provide helpful advice about where to buy old or rare coins.


She likes nothing but to listen to the music. 她就是喜欢听音乐。

It has no choice but to lie down to sleep. 它别无选择,只能躺下睡觉。

  • 介词短语:

She waved at me from across the street. 她从街对过向我招手。

He usually goes to work by bike except on rainy days.  除了下雨天,他通常都骑车上班。

She has known Mrs. Li since before liberation. 解放前,她就认识李太太。

另外,till, until, instead of 后均可接介词短语作宾语。

  • 从句:

He was praised because of what he had done. 他因所做的事情受到了表扬。

Li Fang used to go to school by bike except when it rained. 以前李芳上学总是骑自行车,雨天除外。

People have very different opinions about who is right and who is wrong and what should be done.


Once managers would say jokingly, “I know that half of what I spend on advertising is wasted, but I don’t know which half.”  过去经理们开玩笑地说,“我知道我花在广告上的钱有一半都浪费了,但我不知道究竟是哪一半。”

He noticed that the straight part of the dance was different in the afternoon from what it had been in the morning.  他注意到下午舞蹈的直线部分与上午的情况不一样。

To my great joy, the plant did look exactly like what we were looking for.


What about when we leave? 我们离开时该做些什么?

The investigation into what is called the “life, virtues and reputation of sanctity” of Mother Teresa began in 1999, two years after she died.  对特里萨麽麽进行的“人生、道德和贞洁名声”的调查开始于她去世两年后的1999年。

Our success depends upon how well we can cooperate with one another.


These two areas are similar in that they both have a high rainfall during this season.


Thirteen-year-old Courtney Sharon doesn’t see herself as a hero—though everyone around her thinks she is for what she did nearly three years ago.  由于将近三年前的所作所为,周围的人认为十三岁的科特妮·莎伦是个英雄,但她本人却不这样看。

The Emperor was pleased by what the Prime Minister told him about the cloth.


There is an even big tourist theme park called “Christmas Land” in the north of Finland, near to where they say that Father Christmas lives. 芬兰的北部,据说就是圣诞老人居住的地方,甚至还有个旅游主题公园,叫做“圣诞只地”。

These two countries are similar in that they both have a high snowfall during winter.


It is difficult for you to have some idea of what will happen in space without gravity.


Seeing a chance to escape, he ran quickly along the sands towards where Crusoe was watching.


This is the story of how we know where bears hide away for their long sleep.


The mystery of the homing pigeon is in how it navigates and how it finds home.


The big question now are about how these work and where they are located in the birds body.


Thinking that the owner would return to look for it, he cancelled the flight and came back to where he was given the lottery ticket.  想到失主会来找,他就取消了这次飞行,回到得到彩票的地方。


He likes to sleep with the windows open. 他喜欢开着窗子睡觉。

She smiled at her boy going to school. 她微笑地看着孩子上学去。



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