英语中,同位语从句一般是紧跟在所修饰的词后,但是,由于表达不同意义的需要,从句可以被其它句子成分隔开,这种从句叫做“分隔同位语从句(separate  appositive  clause)”。分隔同位语从句也是英语中比较常见的一种语言现象,现将分隔同位语从句简单归纳一下。

  • 被状语隔开:
    • 条件状语:

I had the feeling—if one can actually receive feeling from Oliver Barrett —that he meant to give me the money. 假如一个人确实能够从奥利弗·巴雷特三世那儿得到感觉的话,那么,我觉得他打算给我钱。

  • 程度状语:

We have no idea at all that he has gone.我们一点儿都不知道他已经走了。

After that they gave their father the bags of gold and there is no doubt at all they all lived together happily ever after. 接着,他们把那几袋金子给了父亲,毫无疑问,从那儿以后,他们就幸福地生活在一起了。

It was most surprising that the mother wasn’t surprised at the news at all that her son was knocked down by a car on his way to school.儿子在上学的路上被车撞倒,母亲得知此事竟毫不惊慌,这很是让人吃惊.

  • 方式状语:

We’ve just heard a warning on the radio that a hurricane is likely to come . 我们刚刚从收音机里听到警报说,飓风可能就要到了。

  • 范围状语:

There is a popular belief among parents that schools are no longer interested in spelling . 学生家长有一个普遍的看法,那就是不再注重拼写了。

Though Mrs. Bussman knew this story quite well, she thought there was a chance in a million that she might be right . 尽管巴斯曼太太对这件事很熟悉,但她还是觉得即使有万分之一的可能性,她也会对的。

There is an incorrect assumption among scientists and medical people that everyone agrees on what constitutes a benefit to an individual . 科学家和医学工作者都有这样一种不正确的假定,凡是能够给个人带来好处的事情,每个人的看法都是一致的。

There is a widespread belief among bioengineers that it will one day be possible to create life under laboratory conditions. 生物工程师大都认为,有朝一日在实验室里可以创造生命。

Although there is enough proof from both small and large assessments that after-school programs can make a positive difference, it is important to note that not all programs are equal.尽管无论从大的和小的方面看都有足够的证据表明课外活动能够产生积极的效果,但是要认识到并非所有的活动都效果等同,这一点也相当重要。

  • 时间状语:

What they really value among the gifts that we bring to them is intoxicating liquor, which enables them, for the first time in their lives, to have the illusion, for a few brief moments, that it is better to be alive than dead . 他们喜欢的是我们给他们的令他们头重脚轻的烈性酒,因为这能使他们平生以来第一次产生短暂而美好的幻觉,使之以为生比死好。

We heard the news last night that the Queen of England was on a three-day visit in China. 我们昨晚听到这个消息:英国女王正在对中国进行为期三天的访问。

  • 对象状语:

Don’t give the impression to your students that you are making a judgement on them every time you give them a classroom test . 不要让学生认为,每次对他们进行课堂测验时都要对他们做个评判。

His arrival was a signal to the children that their bedtime would be delayed .  他的到来预示着孩子们的上床时间将要推迟。

It seemed to the bachelor as though some one had had a bet with her that she could not repeat the line aloud two thousand times without stopping . 单身男人觉得,好像有人和她打赌,看她能不能不停顿地把那句话大声念上两千遍。

Danby left word with my secretary that he would call again in the afternoon. 丹贝给我的秘书留下话说,他下午再打电话。

  • 地点状语:

There was a saying among people that something was as “dead as a doornail” . 过去曾经流传过这样一种说法,什么事情确已僵死了。

There’s this opinion from outside China that Shanghai should not be considered for hosting the Expo because  Beijing has already won the bid for the 2008 Olympics .国外有这种看法,认为上海不应该申办世博会,因为北京已经赢得了2008年的奥林匹克运动会的主办权。

Tiger once expressed his wishes in an advertisement that he could play anywhere he wanted . 泰格曾在一次广告中表达了他的愿望,希望能在他喜欢的任何地方打球。

There was a rule in our school that any boy who damage  his desk with a pencil or a knife would be beate in front of the whole school or would have to pay five dollars . 我们学校有个规定,如果哪个男生用铅笔或小刀损坏了书桌,他就要当着全校师生的面挨打,或者被罚五美元。

Thomas isn’t an eye doctor, but there’s no doubt in her mind that sitting too close to the television is bad for your vision. 托马斯不是一位眼科医生,但她心里想,坐得离电视太近无疑对视力有坏处。

Oddly enough I had no doubt in my mind that they would be glad to see me. 真奇怪,我毫不怀疑他们见到我会很高兴。

He got a message from Mr. Brown that his father could not see him that evening. 他从布朗先生那儿得到口信儿,说他父亲晚上不能见他。

When the people in the court heard this, there was no doubt in their minds that the St. Evremonde family had done much wrong. 法庭上的人听到这个消息时,他们心中已经认定,圣·伊沃里蒙家族做了不少坏事。

There’s a feeling in her that she’ll be chosen to attend the meeting on behalf of her company. 她心中有种预感,要被选中代表公司出席这次会议。

In 1809, the year of his birth, there was still a strong feeling in the United States that the theater was sinful—and that the actors who appeared on stage were wicked, too. 1809年,也就是他出生的那一年,美国还有一股强烈的情绪,认为剧院是邪恶的场所,因而出现在舞台上的演员们也是不正经的。

  • 被定语隔开:

Far from the truth are the words given by the observer that John was not murdered . 约翰不是被谋杀的,目击者所说的这些话远远不符合事实。

The night before Mother’s Day there were broad hints passed across the table from the two older children that tomorrow morning I would be happily surprised by what they had gotten me as presents .母亲节前的那个晚上,坐在桌子对面的两个大点儿的孩子明显地暗示,次日早上我会对他们送我的礼物感到惊喜。

I kept the mirror, and as I became a man, I grew to understand that this was not just a child’s game but a metaphor for what I might do with my life —-that I am a fragment of mirror whose whole design I do not know . 我一直珍藏着这块镜片,长大后我渐渐明白了,它不仅仅是小孩儿的游戏,而且也隐含着深刻的生活哲理:我其实也是一块镜片,只见部分不见整体。

There is the feeling of relief, that we are not being kidnapped or robbed .  我们都有一种松弛下来的感觉,毕竟谁也没有遭到绑架或抢劫。

He wondered if her visit to Helen might be intended as a veiled thrust at him—a symbolic resentment of the fact of life that they could not have a child of their own . 他不知道她对海伦的探望是不是暗含对他的讥讽—–对他们不能有自己的孩子这一事实的一种象征性的怨恨。

Then came a word from our boss that we all be present at his office right away.接着老板传来话说,我们大家马上到他办公室去。

Is there any limit to the time that I can stay here? 我呆在这儿的时间有没有限制?

There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars that road conditions need to be improved. 私家车的流行所带来的一个新问题就是路况需要改进。

The manager has a decision to make whether they should borrow money from the bank. 经理要决定是否从银行借钱。

  • 被谓语隔开:

The story goes that William Tell did kill the ruler with that arrow .故事讲的是,威廉·泰尔确实用那支箭射死了那位统治者。

A story goes that Elizabeth of England liked nothing more than being surrounded by clever and qualified noble men at court. 有个故事说的是,英格兰的伊丽莎白最喜欢法庭上有既聪明又胜任的先生。

Several years later, word came that Napoleon himself was coming to inspect his soldiers . 几年后,有消息传来,说是拿破仑要亲自来视察士兵。

Word came that I was wanted at the office . 有人传话过来,办公室有事找我。

Chances are that the more you indulged in it and were encouraged in it, the more creative you are today . 很有可能,你越是热衷于此,并因此受到鼓励,你现在就越具有创造力。

Word came that another irrigation station would soon be completed in our village . 有消息说我们村儿很快就要再建一个提灌站。

I find it astonishing that people do this where the result can be foretold that it will not be a normal baby. 我觉得这样做(指克隆人)太令人震惊了,因为可以预言,那不会是一个正常的婴儿。

Word leaked out that he was trying to make lighting . 有消息传出,说他正在试着制造闪电。

The fact remains that I am behind the others. 我比他人落后仍是一个事实。

Speculation grew that it might be used to get Japanese people off the West Coast.  拒推测,这道命令可能被用来把日本人赶离西海岸。

Facts came up that specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as 6 months old. 有这样一种事实,特别的说话声六个月的婴儿就能识别出来。

In later years the question arose who was the first to reach the top. 随后的岁月里,问题就产生了:谁第一个登上顶峰。

Legend said that six ravens must be kept at the Tower of London; if not, the British Empire would fall. 传说伦敦塔里必须养六只乌鸦,否则,大英帝国就会衰败。

Then, on December 7,1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and in California rumors spread that Japanese residents were to be sent to internment camps. 1941年12月7日,日本袭击了珍珠港。在加利福尼亚,有传闻说日本侨民要被送到拘留营。

Legend has it that Thomas Alva Edison was the first to say “hello” over the telephone, but he wasn’t even close to being the first person to do it. 据传,托马斯·艾尔瓦·爱迪生是第一个在电话上说 “hello” 的人,可事实上他跟这事几乎不沾边儿。

From the moment that the news had gone forth that her lover should decide his fate in the king’s arena, she had thought of nothing but this great event. 她的爱人要在国王的竞技场决定命运的消息一发出,她心里就只想着这件大事。

Odds are good that she’ll straighten up and stay your friend. 她振作起来,继续做你的朋友的机会还是很大的。

At first we thought that there had been an accident or that a fire had broken out on board ship, but soon the word went round that a man had been seen floating in the sea. 起初我们以为出了意外或者是船上失火了,可是,很快消息就传开了,有人看见海上漂着一个人。

  • 被插入语隔开:

There is some evidence, however, that the inhabitants left the cliff dwellings near the end of the thirteenth century because of a serious drought that is known to have happened in the area from 1276 to 1299 .然而,也有证据表明,由于1276至1299年间当地发生了严重干旱,所以,那些人在十三世纪末期就离开了悬崖下的住处。

But I still remember the story, believe it or not, that we got lost on a rainy night. 可信不信由你,我依然记得在一个雨夜我们迷失的事。

There was a time , however , that salt was not so common.  可是曾经有一个时期,盐并不这么普通。

  • 被多重成分隔开:

The thought came to him that maybe the brave soldiers had driven off the enemies .(谓语、状语)他想,可能是勇敢的士兵把敌人赶走了。

The thought came to him that maybe the enemy had fled the city .(谓语、状语) 他想,可能敌人逃离了这个城市。

Word reached the ex-banker-butcher that an unpaid depositor was seriously ill and his wife and children were penniless .(谓语、宾语) 这位开过银行的屠夫听说,有位债主储户身染重病,全家一贫如洗。

The order soon came that all the people should leave the town .(状语、谓语) 不久下来一道命令,所有人都要离开这个城镇。

An order has come from Berlin that no language but German may be taught in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine .(谓语、状语)柏林来了一道命令,说阿尔萨斯和洛林地区的学校里只准教德语。

But awareness is growing among mental-health experts that the youngster deprived of attention and affection may be even more damaged than one who is battered .(谓语、状语)精神健康专家渐渐认识到,被剥夺了关心与爱护的小孩可能比被打得遍体鳞伤的小孩受到的伤害更甚。

I asked that notice should immediately be given that I would broadcast at 9 o’clock that night .(谓语、状语) 我让有关人员立刻宣布,我将在当晚九时发表广播讲话。

One thing by now seems certain-—that the speech of the men who lost to the Norman invaders will not die; that language, preserved by the sturdy, surly, freedom-loving commoners who did not attempt to ingratiate themselves with their conquerors by learning their speech, will adapt and endure .(谓语、状语) 到现在为止,有一件事情好像可以肯定,那就是,输给诺曼底入侵者的人所使用的语言不会消亡,那些强健、粗暴、热爱自由的普通人不愿意为了讨好征服者而去学他们的语言,这些人的语言会在不断的改变中发展下去。

The fact puzzled Jack much that he has been unable to pass the driving test up to now .(谓语、宾语、状语) 杰克到现在还没有通过驾驶测试,这让他很是困惑。

The question has sometimes been raised whether Shakespeare knew Greek .(谓语、状语) 莎士比亚是否懂希腊语,这个问题已经不时地有人提出过。

The question came up at the meeting whether we had enough money for our research .(谓语、状语)会上提出了这个问题:我们是否有足够多的钱从事研究。

One day, news was brought to Gotham that the king was coming that way, and that he would pass through the town .(谓语、状语)一天,有消息传到了愚人村,国王要到他们那儿去,并且还要经过他们的小镇。

That was the first time in more than thirty years as a jobholder that Coleman had heard such words .(时间状语、方式状语)科尔曼工作了三十年,他还是第一次听到那样的话。

A foolish hope came to me that they might think something had insulted me while I was writing the cheque and that I had changed my mind .(谓语、状语) 我有一种傻想法,希望他们可能会认为当我开支票时某件事得罪了我,因而我改变了主意。

I was sitting in my office one morning when word was brought to me that a lady wanted to see me. (谓语、状语) 一天早晨我正在办公室里坐着,有人传话来说一位太太要见我。

When he looked at these dull people the thought came to him that they were not walking there at all, they were trailing through hell . (谓语、状语) 看着这些沉闷的人,他不禁想到,他们根本不是在那里散步,而是在地狱里拖着沉重的步子行走。

The news came almost exactly a decade later , that her father was missing in action somewhere near the 38th parallel. (谓语、状语) 几乎十年之后才传来消息,她父亲在三八线附近的一次战斗中失踪。

About ten months ago a report reached my ears that a certain man in Holland had constructed a spyglass by means of which visible objects were distinctly seen as if near by, though they were very distant from the observer. (谓语、宾语)大约一个月前我听到一个报告,荷兰有个人制造了一个小望远镜,用它看东西,尽管很远,但看上去就像在跟前那样清楚。

News came from Europe that Amy and Laurie, the grandson of a wealthy neighbor, had planned to be married soon. (谓语、地点状语)从欧洲传来消息说,艾米很快就要跟一个有钱邻居的孙子劳里结婚。

One day word came through the public-address system in the relocation-center cafeteria that the detainees were to be sent home. (谓语、方式状语、地点状语)有一天,在居住地的自助食堂里通过有线广播传来了消息,被拘留者要被遣送回家。

A warm thought suddenly came to me that I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday. (时间状语、谓语、对象状语)一个温馨的想法突然掠过脑际,我可以用零花钱为母亲的生日买些花。

And the feeling came over me that I had to do whatever I could to save him. (谓语、地点状语) 那种感觉突然袭上心头,我必须尽力去救他。

The idea suddenly came to my mind that he was looking for something out of the window. (方式状语、谓语、地点状语)我脑子里突然掠过这个念头:他在寻找窗外的什么东西。

  • 同位语也可以被状语等句子成分隔开:

Although he felt that he had let England down in the Olympics, he realized that an even greater challenge awaited him——one that , successfully met, would bring greater glory to England than an Olympic victory . 他知道在奥运会上让英国人失望了,但他又意识到有一个更大的挑战在等着他——一旦成功,将给英国带来比奥运会胜利更大的荣誉。

Yet it expresses a truth that our forefathers knew and we have forgotten——one that our descendants must learn again, in heartbreak and loneliness . 但它却表明了我们先辈们熟悉而又被我们所遗忘的一个真理。而我们的后代还将重新认识,尽管他们会心痛欲绝,万分孤寂。

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