1 动词 +  on

  1. 动词 + on:act on“对……有作用”,  bring on“促使;导致”,  call on,  count on,  carry on,  depend on,  feed on,  figure on“料想;推断”,go on,  have on,  insist on,  keep on,  lean on“依赖”,  live on“以……为生”, pull on“迅速穿上”, put on,  switch on“接通(电源)”, take to,  turn on“接通(电源)”, work on,  wait on“侍侯”
  2. 动词 + sb(sth) + on + sb(sth):base on,  congratulate on,  fix on“固定”, have mercy on,  have pity on,  keep watch on,  spend on

2 be + 形容词 + on:be dependent on“依赖”,be hard on,  be impressed on“对……印象深刻”,  be keen on“渴望”, be strict on“对……严格”

3 on + 名词:on board“乘(车、飞机)”,  on call“听候召唤”, on duty,  on earth,  on fire“着火”, on foot,  on guard,  on hire“受雇”, on holiday

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