after a time和for a time的区别

after a time和for a time这两个短语的共同意思是“一段时间以后”,其区别是:

after a time经常与短暂性动词的一般过去时连用,表示谓语动作发生的时间点。

for a time常与延续性动词连用,表示动作或状态持续的时间长度。看下面的例句:

I don’t care for the place at first,but after a time i get to like it.


The boy rested for a time and went on with his study.



用after a time或for a time填空:

1.__________he went out.

2.Let me pause on these matters____________before i make a decision

答案:1.After a time  2.for a time

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