at least和in the least的区别

in the least一般来说我们见的不是很多,然后我一学生在做完形填空题的时候遇到了这个短语,问我它和at least有什么区别,今天我给大家说下:

at least的意思是“至少”“无论如何”。

in the least的意思是“一点也不”。例如:

I had not seen him for at least ten years. 我至少有10年没见到他了。

They do not care about him in the least.他们一点也不喜欢他。


用at least 和in the least填空:

1、Today in our country there is _______one hospital in every commune.

2、He doesn’t care_______what will happen in the least.

答案 least the least

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