at no time,at the same time,in no time的区别

今天我一高二学生问了我at no time,at the same time,in no time的区别是什么,www.52yufa.com抽时间给大家说一下:

at no time的意思是“决不”;

at the same time的意思是“同时”;

in no time的意思是“立即“ ”马上“。


I will at no time forget it.我决不会忘记那件事。

You can’t sing and drink at the same time.你不能又唱歌又喝酒。

He is arriving here in no time.他马上就到。


用at no time,at the same time或in no time填空:

1.He will_______forget the day when he graduated.

2.They arrived_______.

3.I will fetch a ladder and get you down_______

答案 no time the same time no time

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