Don’t read word by word. Read word groups. 不要逐字逐字地读,按词组阅读。


He makes a living by selling newspapers.他以卖报为生。


Our teacher was sitting by the window.我们的老师正坐在窗户旁边。


He walked by me without saying a word.他走过我的身旁,没有说话。


I shall be back by 5 o’clock. 我最迟五点回来。


The movie is loved by people all over Asia.那个电影被全亚洲人喜爱。


Some day we may travel by spaceship.有一天我们可能乘坐宇宙飞船旅行。


Study by heart用心学;

little by little渐渐地;

one by one逐一;

by chance碰巧,偶然

By the river在河边;

by mistake错误地;

by nature天生的;

by oneself亲自

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