Even though many people now know about tea culture, the Chinese are without doubt the ones who best understand the nature of tea. 虽然许多人现在都知道茶文化,但是中国人无疑是最了解茶本质的人。(Unit 6, P43)


◆doubt n.疑惑,疑问。常见短语为:without doubt毫无疑问(一般用于句首);no doubt毫无疑问(一般用于句中);in doubt疑惑,拿不定主意。如:

Without doubt this is the best.毋庸置疑,这是最好的。

There is no doubt that we will be successful.毫无疑问我们会成功的。

We are in doubt(about) what to do next.我们不知道下一步该做什么。

◆doubt vi. 怀疑,在肯定句中后面可接if或whether;在否定句及疑问句中可跟that从句。如:I doubt if/whether he will win.我怀疑他是否能赢。

Do you doubt that he will win?你怀疑他会赢吗?

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