get on 上﹙车、船、飞机等﹚

get off下﹙车、船、飞机等﹚

get up起来、起床

get good grades 取得好成绩

get over 客服

get rid of 除掉…

get to到达

get out of 从…里出来

get into 进入

get in the way of妨碍

get together 聚会

get into trouble陷入困境

get out of trouble 脱离困境

get used to﹙doing﹚sth.习惯﹙做﹚某事

get to do sth.着手做某事

get ready for为…做准备

get sb. into trouble使某人陷入困境

get away from远离…

get a sore back 背痛

get back to sb. 过会儿与某人通话﹙打电话用语﹚

get on/along well with 与相处…融洽

get to know认识

get married to与某人结婚

get in touch with 与…取得联系

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