have a good time 玩得愉快

have a discussion 进行讨论

have a party 举行聚会

have a meeting 开会

have nothing to do with与…无关

have trouble with sth. 做某事有困难

have difficulty/ trouble doing sth. 费力做某事

have fun玩得愉快

have a fever 发烧

have a cold 感冒

have a cough 咳嗽

have a stamachache胃痛

have fun doing sth.愉快地做某事

have a match 举行比赛

have a fight with与…比赛、斗争

have no idea of 不知道…

have a hard time doing sth. 艰难地做某事 have sth. to do with 与…有关

have an accident 发生事故

have breakfast/lunch/supper 吃早、午、晚饭

have class上课

have water喝水

have a conversation with 与…会话

have a look at 看一下…

have a talk with与…谈话

have a problem with做某事有疑难

have a good trip路途愉快

have a try 试一下

have a laugh at 嘲笑.…

have a pity on sb.同情某人

have a rest 休息一下

have a word with 与……谈几句话

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