A.问 1) vt.   May I ask you a question?

I have something to ask you.

Jack asked me how to start the machine.

She asked what time it was.

2) vi.  I asked only out of curiosity.

Tom went to ask about the train.

If you don’t understand, ask.

B.要求;请求;征求 vt.【基本句型:ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事】

I’m going to the workers to ask their advice.

He asked Joe to get in touch with them.

He was asked to see them off.

C.邀请 vt.  They asked us over their dinner.

They often ask him out to sea.

D.习语  ask about…询问、打听

ask after…问候

ask for…请求、找某人、要求

ask sth. of sb. 向某人问

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