It will be+时间点+when+句子

It will be+时间点+when+一般现在时的从句:

It was +时间点+when+一般过去时的从句 与“before”句型比较:前后时态一致


① It will be midnight when I return home. 译为:我回到家的时间将是午夜.

② It was noon when the accident happened 译为:事故发生时已是正午.


1、___ was 1979 ____ I graduated from university (1997.上海) A:That; that B:It; that C:That; when D:It; when

2、It was breakfast _____ our teacher punished me (2004.北京) A:when B: until C:since D: before

【答案: 1、D  2、A】

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