It will be +时间段+before+句子

It will be +时间段+before+一般现在时的从句 “要过多久/ 不久…才…”

It was +时间段+before+一般过去时的从句 “过了多久才…” “before”句型和“since”句型的共性都加时间段,差异在于前后的时态和翻译。

① It will be ten years before I return home. 译为:要过十年我才能回家.

② It was ten years before he found his lost boy. 译为:过了十年他才找到了他失踪的儿子.

1、It is reported that it may be two or three months_____it is possible to test this medicine on animals.

A:since     B:after       C:before        D:when

2、-How long do you think it will be ______ China sends a manned spaceship to the moon?

-Perhaps two or three years
A:when     B:until        C:that           D:before

3、How long do you think ____ the computer company brings out a new product?(2005.上海)

A: it will be before B:will it be until C:will it be when D: it will be that

【答案:1、C   2、D  3、A】

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