BS 1994:1993 pdf free download

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BS 1994:1993 pdf free download.Specification for Dichloromethane ( methylene chloride ).
1 Scope
TBS 1994 specifies requirements for dichioromethane suitable for industrial purposes.
2 References
2.1 Normative references
BS 1994 incorporates, by reference, provisions from specific editions of other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate points in the text and the publications are listed on the inside back cover. Subsequent amendments to, or revisions of, any of these publications apply to BS 1994 only when incorporated in it by updating or revision.
2.2 Informative references
BS 1994 refers to other publications that provide information or guidance. Editions of these publications current at the time of issue of BS 1994 are listed on the inside back cover, but reference should be made to the latest editions.
3 Description
The material shall be clear, colourless and free from matter in suspension and shall consist essentially of dichloromethane, CH9C12.
4 Sampling and size of sample
A representative sample of the material measuring not less than 11 shall be taken from the bulk for the purpose of examination in accordance with BS 1994. The sample shall be placed in a clean, dry and air-tight ground glass-stoppered bottle of dark amber glass of such capacity that it is nearly filled by the sample. The sample shall be kept in the dark.
NOTE 1 Detailed information on the sampling of liquid chemical products is given in BS 5309.1:1976 and BS 5309-3:1976.
NOTE 2 When it is necessary to seal the container, care should be taken to avoid the risk of contaminating the contents in any way.
NOTE 3 Sufficient ullage should be left in the bottle to avoid excessive pressure changes that could arise from temperature variations during storage and handling. About 10 % ullage is recommended.
5 Density
The density of the material at 20 °C, when determined by the method described in BS 4522:1988, shall be not lower than 1.32 1 gIml and not higher than 1.331 g/ml.
6 Distillation range
When the material is distilled by the method described in BS 4591:1990, modified as described in Annex A of this standard, at 101.3 kPa pressure it shall yield not less than 95 % by volume between 39.0 °C and 40.5 °C.
7 Residue on evaporation
The residue on evaporation of the material shall not exceed 0.01 % (rn/rn) when determined by the method described in BS 4524:1983.
8 Water content
The material shall contain not more
than 0.05 % (rn/rn) of water when determined by one of the methods described in clause 5 of BS 2511:1970 using 20 g of the material.
9 Acidity
The acidity of the material, calculated as hydrochloric acid, HCI. shall not exceed 0.001 % (rn/rn) when determined by the method described in Annex B.
10 Free chlorine
The material shall not show any free chlorine when determined by the method described in Annex C.

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