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BS 302-6:1987 download free.Stranded steel wire ropes Part 6 : Specification for ropes for mine hoisting.
1 Scope
This Part of BS 302 specifies the requirements for round and triangular strand steel wire ropes for mine hoisting (winding) purposes and is for use in conjunction with BS 302-1.
NOTE 1 Information to be given by the purchaser on the enquiry and order is given in Appendix A.
NOTE 2 The titles of the publications referred to in this standard are listed on the inside back cover.
2 Definitions
For the purposes of this Part of BS 302, the
definitions given in BS 302-1 apply.
3 Compliance
Ropes in accordance with BS 302-6 shall comply
with this Part and with BS 302-1.
4 Wire rope constructions and sizes
Constructions and size ranges shall be as given in Table 1.
NOTE In the absence of a precise indication by the purchaser on the enquiry and order, the choice of construction within a group is at the discretion of the supplier.
5 Material
5.1 Wire
5.1.1 General. The wire used for the manufacture of wire ropes in accordance with this standard, excluding the wire used in triangular strand cores (see 5.1.3), shall comply with sections 1 and 3 (high duty wire) of BS 2763:1982. The mechanical tests shall include reverse bend requirements.
5.1.2 Wire finish. The wire shall be class Z zinc coated or bright. The zinc coating shall comply with
BS 2763.
5.1.3 Tensile grades of wire. All wires except filler wires, wires comprising the triangular strand core, and king wires shall be of 1 570 N/mm2 1) or 1 770 N/mm2 tensile grade.
For round strand ropes the king wires shall all be of one tensile grade selected from BS 2763. The filler wires shall all be one of the tensile grades specified in BS 2763.
For triangular strand ropes the strand core wires shall have a minimum tensile strength of 770 N/mm2 in cores comprised of solid triangular wires or three round wires, and a minimum tensile strength of 1 270 N/mm2 in cores built up from more than three round wires.
NOTE In order to achieve a required triangular shape, some low carbon steel wires may be added.
5.2 Rope main core
The rope main core shall be of hard or man-made fibre and shall comply with 3.2 of BS 302-1:1987.
6 Direction of lay
Ropes shall be of right-hand lay or left-hand lay.
NOTE It will need to be stated by the purchaser on his enquiry and order if left-hand lay is required. otherwise right-hand lay will he supplied.
Round strand ropes shall be ordinary or Lang’s lay. Triangular strand ropes shall be Lang’s lay.
7 Lubrication
All cores except those of man-made fibre shall be suitably treated. The wires of the rope shall be coated with a lubricant complying with 3.3 of
BS 302-1:1987.
NOTE The degree and type of lubrication should be agreed between the purchaser and the supplier.
8 Minimum breaking load
The minimum breaking loads shall be as given in Table 2 to Table 5.
NOTE For guidance, these tables also give approximate masses of ropes. calculated as in C2 of BS 302-1:1987.

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