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BS 3056-2:1985 pdf free download.Sizes of refractory bricks Part 2 : Specification for bricks for use in glass-melting furnaces.
1 Scope
This Part of BS 3056 specifies the sizes of the following shapes of refractory bricks for glass-melting furnaces:
a) squares:
b) splits;
c) tiles;
d) blocks;
e) straights;
f) side arch bricks;
g) end arch bricks;
h) crown bricks.
NOTE 1 Information is also given on the combinations of size and material/quality that may be expected to be available, on arch.brick formulae (see Appendix A), on the combinations of sizes required to form circles of various diameters (see Appendix B), and on information to be supplied by a purchaser (see Appendix C).
The volume of each standard size brick is given as supplementary information, in Table 1 to Table 8.
NOTE 2 The tolerances on the sizes are not specified in this Part of BS 3056. and may be the subject of agreement between manufacturer and purchaser.
NOTE 3 The titles of the publications referred to in this standard are listed on the inside back cover.
2 Nomenclature
The names given to the various shapes of brick are
as given in BS 3446-1.
3 Sizes
The sizes of refractory bricks for glass-melting furnaces shall be as given in Table 1 to Table 8.
NOTE 1 The symbols used in Table 1 to Table 8 are shown in the figure accompanying each table. These symbols do not necessarily apply to any other tables or figures in this or any other standard.
NOTE 2 Information on the material or qualities in which each of the sizes may be expected to be available is given in Table 1 to Table 8. It is emphasized that this information is included only as general guidance for the benefit of a user of this Part of BS 3056, and it is not to be interpreted as meaning that all of these combinations will be available, let alone available from any one supplier, or that no other combinations will be available. In the tables, the symbols in the column headings have the following significance:
fireclay refractories (containing less than 45 % (rn/rn) alumina):
HA high alumina refractories (containing 45 % (rn/rn) or more alumina); basic refractories;
silica refractories; fired insulating refractories:
zircon refractories; fused silica refractories;
AZS fusion cast refractories;
vacuum cast silli manite refractories.
4 Designation and statement of dimensions
4.1 The designations of the sizes, where available, shall be as given in Table 1 to Table 8.
NOTE These designations have been retained from the previous edition of BS 3056 for reference purposes. They are unsuitable for the more complicated sizes and it is envisaged that they will be phased out or modified in a future revision. They should not be used for sole reference unless it is known that the recipients of the communication are conversant with them.
it is recommended that, if there is any doubt whether the designations will be understood, the dimensions should be stated, either in conjunction with or instead of the appropriate size designations.
4.2 The dimensions of a brick, where stated, shall be given in the order given in Table I to Table 8.

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