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BS 4475:1991 pdf free download.Specification for Straight mineral lubricating oils.
1 Scope
BS 4475:1991 specifies requirements for two types of straight mineral lubricating oil, one type suitable for use in total loss systems and the other in circulating systems.
NOTF The titles of the publications referred to in this standard are listed on the inside back cover.
2 Sampling
For the purposes of BS 4475:1991 all sampling shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant procedures and precautions described in
BS 3195-1.
3 Composition
The oils shall be pure mineral oils free from additives, except that when the pure mineral oils cannot comply with the pour point requirement (see Table 1), it is permissible to add a pour point depressant.
On visual inspection, the oils shall be clear and free from water, suspended matter, dirt and sediment.
NOTE Oils of the same quality level (i.e. bearing the same designation ISO.L•AN or CS) complying with BS 4475 ire compatible with one another and may be mixed in any proportion.
4 Requirements
4.1 General
When tested in accordance with the methods shown in Table I or Table 2, as appropriate, the oils shall comply with the limiting requirements given in the relevant table for the grade concerned.
4.2 Grade designations
4.2.1 General
Oils supplied to BS 4475 shall be designated by type (ISO-L-AN or CS) and viscosity grade number.
4.2.2 Type designation
Oils for total loss systems (see Table 1) shall be designated according to the classification in BS 6413-1 for defined mineral oils, i.e. ISO-LAN.
Oils for circulating systems (see Table 2) shall be designated CS.
4.2.3 Viscosity grade
All types of oil shall additionally be designated according to their viscosity in accordance with the ISO viscosity classification given in BS 4231. i.e. a number corresponding to the mid-point kinematic viscosity at 40 oct
e.g. ISO VG 150.
NOTE The viscosity designation may be abbreviated in the full designation, e.g. CS 150.
4.3 Demulsibility
If required, the demulsification number for a circulating system oil shall be determined in accordance with ASTM D 1401 -84.
If an oil complying with the additional requirement for demulsibility is specified, the grade designation shall be identified by the addition of the letter X following the viscosity number.
For viscosity grades up to and including CS 100, the limit shall be 40/40/0 in 5 mm.
For viscosity grades CS 150 to CS 1000, the limit shall be 40/40/0 in 20 mm.
4.4 Precision and interpretation of results Most of the methods given in Table 1 and Table 2 contain a statement of the precision, i.e. the repeatability and reproducibility to be expected from them but in cases of dispute, the procedure described in BS 4306, which uses precision data in the interpretation of the results, shall be used.
5 Packaging and marking
The oils shall be supplied in bulk or in clean sound and dry containers as agreed between the purchaser and supplier. Each container shall be legibly and durably marked with the following:
a) the number and date of this British Standard,
i.e. BS 4475:1991;1)
b) the type and grade designation,
e.g. ISO-L-AN 150, CS 68 X;
c) the name or mark of the supplier or vendor and the batch or consignment number.

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