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BS 64:1992 pdf free download.Specification for Normal and high strength steel bolts and nuts for railway rail fishplates.
1 Scope
BS 64 sxbcifies the dimensions and requirements for normal and high strength bolts and nuts for fishl)lales conforming to 135 47 :
rart 1 : 1991 for use with railway rails conforming to 11511: 1985.
The provisions of this specification are not restricted to fishholts for use with rails and fishplates conforming to B.S 11: 1985 and BS 47 rart 1: 1991 and may he applied to fishholts for any rail section of 24.8 kg m (50 lb”yd) or greater linear mass and the C( mplementary fish plates.
2 References
2. 1 Normative references
BS 64 inc rates, by reference, IViS1flS from specific editions of other p111)1 icat ions. These m wmat lye references are cited at the al)proprlate )OifltS in the text and the publications are listed on the inside back cover. Subsequent amendments to, or revisions of. any of these publications apply to BS 64 only when incorlNrated in it by updating or revision.
2.2 Informative references
BS 64 refers to other publications that provide information or guidance. Editions of these publications current at the time of this standard are listed on the inside hack cover, hut reference should 1w made to the latest editions.
3 Material
The steelmaking process and grade of steel shall he at the (hscretion of the manufacturer to obtain the mechanical IrJwrties sjH’cif ted in clause 6. The sulfur and phosphorus content shall not exceed 0%.
4 Manufacture
Bolts shall be produced by hot or cold forging. Nuts shall be hot or cold forged or machined from bar.
hlolts and nuts shall be free from manufacturing defects adversely affecting their behaviour in service.
No manufacturing operations shall be carried out with the olject of coiweahng defects.
5 Heat treatment
Bolts and nuts shall he heat treated when necessary to obtain the mechanical l)roperties given in clause 6. Cold forged bolts shall be thermally stress relieved.
No heat treatment shall be applied which would adversely affect t he perh nnance of the fishhi ,lts or nuts in service.
6 Mechanical properties
6.1 General
After manufacture, mcluding heat treatment if apphe(t. bolts and nuts shall be tested to ascertain the mechanical properties of the batch. Representative samples or test pieces prepared shall not be suhjeee(l to additional heat treatment Prior to testing.
6.2 Frequency of testing
The following rates of testing shall apply:
a) normal one per 5 t batch (or part thereof) iwr cast;
b) high strength one per cast per diameter per heat treatment batch.
6.3 Holt.s
6.3.1 General
The test method given in 6.3.2 or 6.3.3 shall be
6.3.2 Full size bolts
6.3.2. 1 S1’nf,lh U?SdP? Ut’t4j loaduig When ensile tested on a 40 angled washer in accordance with BS EN 20898: Part 1: 1992 the ultimate tensile load shall conform to tables 1 and 2 as appropriate. The fracture shall occur in the shank or threaded Irtion of the bolt and not between the head and the shank. Prnqf load tt’st
When proof load tested in accordance with uS EN 20898 : Part 1: 1992 high strength grade bolts shall conform to tables 1 or 2 as appropriate.
6.3.3 Machined test pieces (from full size bolts,)
When tested in accordaflce with HS EN l(X)2-1
1990 the bolts shall have the mechanical properties
given in table :i.
6.4 Nuts
When tested in accordance with the appropriate British Standard the nuts shall have the hardness values given in table 4.
6.5 Retests
If any of the mechanical tests earned out fail to conform to 6. 1 to 6.4, two further retests from the same hatch of I ishlNlts or nuts shall be taken. If one or both of the retests is not satisfactory the corresponding batch shall not have conformed to this Hritish Standard.
In the event of failure to meet the mechanical test requirements, the manufacturer shall have the tight to reheat treat the hatch not more than twice afl(I to rVSUt)lfltt it fur testing.
7 Dimensions and tolerances
7.1 General
Fishbolts and flLltS shall cOIlfoflfl to tabk’s 5 and 6; bearing surfaces shall be peipendicular to the axes of the threads within 20.
7.2 ibleranees on fishbolt length For all fishbolt lengths the tolerances on length
shall 1w in for (Ilanleters below 1 in and + for diameters 1 in and over.
7.3 Tolerance on thread length
For all fishbolt diameters the iwrlnissible tolerance on the nominal thread length shall be pitches.
7.4 Screw thread
N(ITK. The cn’w thread required (B.SWor BSF) should he stated by the purchaser at the time of plaring the order (see annex Ac).
A British Standard Whitworth or British Standard fine thread form shall be us((l, conforming to the medium class tolerance of 115 4 : 1956 (see annex B).
7.5 Gauging
Gauges used to establish conformity with dimensions and tolerances shall be included in the manufacturer’s calibration system for Iwrio(lic checking to confirm their accuracy and be traceable to national standards.
8 Quality control
The manufacturer shall inspect all batches of fishl1ts and nuts an(l ensure that they conform to this British Standard. All nonconforming batches shall he clearly marked.
The inspection or quality assurance system to be applied shall he defined at the time of enquiry or order (see annex Ah) and shall be based on one of I he following:
a) the manufacturer shall take respensibility for quality assurance based on a procedure in conformity with 115 5754): Part 1: 1987, BS 5750: Part 2:1987 and BS 5750: Part 3:
N fit 1. See the fOflW(flI.
h) alternatively, the manufacturer shall advise the Purchaser of the (late of forging, sample selection and mechanical testing of the test i)Ieces to enable the purchaser to witness these procedures, and of the availability of the finished product for iflSj)CCtiOfl.
There shall be access (luring working hours for the purchaser t.o observe the manufacturing lroess and to inspect the finished product.
N( fIt 2. Any batches which do not conform should 1w sorted turore suhiuision for the purcI1a.%er nslwction.
9 Marking
Identification inarkin.s on flshholt heads shall be either embossed or indented. High strength bolts shall carry the letter V and all bolts shall carry the trade (identification) mark of the manufacturer and any additional marking specified (see annex Afl.
10 Protective coating
Unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering (see annex Ag) the finished fishhohs and nuts shall be protected before (lespatch from atmospheric corrosion, under normal storage conditions, by a protective me(hum.
When plastics or other non-ferrous materials form part of a locking device care shall be taken to ensure that their properties are not adversely affected by the protective medium.

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