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BS 6609:1985 pdf free download.British Standard Methods of test for Radionuclide imaging devices [IEC title: Characteristics and test conditions of radionuclide imaging devices].
Scope and object
BS 6609 applies to radionuclide imaging devices.
The object of BS 6609 is to define terminology and test conditions for specifying characteristics of radionuclidc imaging devices. These usually consist of a COLUMATOR, a DIECTOR SHIELD, a RADIATION DETECIOR ASSEMBLY which can produce one or more electrical pulses when a photon interacts with it, a mechanical, electronic or electromechanical system which allots coordinate values to each detected photon producing a pulse within a selected pulse amplitude range, and recording and display devices. Nuclear medicine imaging devices include RADIONUCUDE SCANNERS, GAMMA CAMERAS or scintillation gamma cameras and hybrid systems. Imaging devices for positron emitters are not considered.
Measurements have been chosen which will as much as possible reflect performance in normal use. It is envisaged that they will be performed by manufacturers to indicate typical performance for a given model, not by users on a routine basis.
2. Terminology and definitions
The definitions arc at present under consideration in International Electrocechnical Vocabulary (1EV), Chapter 882: MEDICAL RADIOLOGY; therefore provisional definitions used for this standard are given Appendix A.
3. Test conditions — RADIONLJCUDE SCANNERS
All measurements shall be performed with PULSE AMPUTUDE ANALYSER WINDOW setting specified in Table I.
A small volume source of the appropriate nuclide specified in Table I which will fit inside a cube of 10 mm side shall be placed in contact with any external part of the DETECTOR SHIELD. The count rate produced by the detector is an indication of the shield leakage at that point and shall be expressed as a percentage of the count rate obtained when the source is placed on the axis of a specified cOLlIMATOR at the EFFECTIVE FOCAL DISTANCE in the case of a FOCUSED COLLIMATOR or at 100 mm from the front face of all other cotuswroas. A plane section containing the COLUSIATOR xis shall be shown on an outline drawing on which shall be marked the leakage values for at least 10 points, approximately equally spaced around the DETECTOR SHIELD. The maximum leakage values shall be included. Attention shall be given to the leakage values at joins in the shield particularly the join between the COLlIMATOR and the DETECTOR SHIELD.
4. Test conditions — GAMMA c.ubsnss
All measurements shall be performed with PULSE AMPLITUDE ANALYSER WINDOW settings specified in Table 1. Additional measurements with other settings as specified by the manufacturer may be performed. Before performing the measurements the camera shall be adjusted by the procedure normally used by the manufacturer for an installed unit and shall not be readjustcd specially for the measurements of specific parameters.
Unless otherwise stated measurements shall be carried out at count rates not exceeding 10000 counts per second.
4.1 Measurements of PlANE SENSITWITY
The measurement shalt be carried out using the cylindrical phantom of polymethyl methacrylate as specified in Figure 2, page 34. The plane source described in Sub-clause 3. and Figure I, page 34, shall be placed in the cylindrical hole with dimensions shown in Figure 2, the remainder of the hole will then be closed by a cylindrical part for which the dimensions also arc shown in Figure 2. The phantom, including the source, shall be placed on the COLLIMATOR (distance d — 0) and centred on the COLLIMATOR AXIS.

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