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BS 7090-1:1989 download free.Specification for Open Systems Interconnection: file transfer, access and management Part 1: General introduction.
0 Introduction
ISO 8571 is one of a set of International Standards produced to facilitate the interconnection of computer systems. Its relation to other International Standards in the set is defined by the Reference Model for Open Systems Interconnection (ISO 7498). The Reference Model subdivides the area of standardization for interconnection into a series of layers of specification, each of manageable size.
The aim of Open Systems Interconnection is to allow, with a minimum of technical agreement outside the interconnection standards, the interconnection of computer systems:
a) from different manufacturers,
b) under different managements,
c) of different levels of complexity,
d) of different ages.
ISO 8571 defines services for file transfer, access and management. It also specifies a protocol available within the application layer of the Reference Model. The service defined is of the category Application Service Element (ASE). It is concerned with identifiable bodies of information which can be treated as files, stored and managed within open systems, or passed between application processes.
ISO 8571 defines a basic file service. It provides sufficient facilities to support file transfer, file access, and management of files stored on open systems. ISO 8571 does not specify the interfaces to a file transfer, access or management facility within the local system.
ISO 8571 consists of the following five parts:
— Part 1: General introduction;
— Part 2: Virtual Filestore definition;
— Part 3: File Service definition;
— Part 4: File Protocol specification;
— Part 5: Protocol Implementation conformance
Statement Proforma.
The definitions in this part of ISO 8571 are used in the subsequent parts of ISO 8571 which specify the virtual filestore, services and protocols.
This part of ISO 8571 contains the following annexes which do not form part of the standard:
Annex A — Examples of the use of FTAM Annex B — Summary of objects identified
0.1 General
ISO 8571-1 defines in an abstract way the externally visible file transfer, access and management service.
2 References
ISO 7498, Information Processing Systems — Open
Systems Interconnection — Basic Reference Model.
ISO 8326, Information Processing Systems — Open
Systems Interconnection — Basic Connection
Oriented Session Service Definition.
ISO/TR 8509, Information Processing Systems — Open Systems Interconnection — Service
Con vemi tions.
ISO 8571, Information Processing Systems — Open
Systems Interconnect ion — File transfer, access
and management — Part 2: Virtual Filestore
definition — Part 3: File Service definition — Part 4: File Protocol specification — Part 5: Protocol
Implementation Conformance Statement Proforma.
ISO 8649. Information Processing Systems — Open
Systems Interconnection — Service definition for the
Association Control Service Element.
ISO 8822, Information Processing Systems — Open
Systems In tercon fleet ion — Connection -oriented
Presentation Service Definition.
150 8824, Information Processing Systems — Open
Systems Interconnection — Specification of Abstract
Syntax Notation One (ASN. 1).
ISO 8825, Information Processing Systems — Open Systems Interconnection — Specification of Basic encoding rules for Abstract Syntax Notation One
(ASN. 1).
ISO/IEC 9804, Information technology — Open Systems Interconnection — Service definition for the coin in it in ent, Concurrency and Recovery service element.
ISO 9834-2, Information Processing Systems — Procedures for specific OS! registration authorities — Part 2: Registration of Document Types3.
3 Reference model definitions
ISO 8571 is based on the concepts developed in ISO 7498 and makes use of the following terms defined in it:
a) application-entity;
b) application process;
c) application service element;
d) (N)-connection;
e) open system;
f) (N)-protocol;
g) (N)-protocol-control-information;
h) (N)-protocol-data-unit;
i) (N)-service-access-point;
file transfer
a function which moves a part or the whole of a file’s contents between open systems
hierarchical file model
a model of the internal structure of a file which takes the form of a tree of nameable file access data units
real file
the named collection of information and its attributes which reside in a real system and to which the references to virtual files made in the OSIE are mapped
real filestore
an organized collection of files, including their attributes and names, which reside in a real system and to which the virtual file references in the OSIE are mapped
virtual file; file
an unambiguously named collection of structured information having a common set of attributes
virtual filestore
an abstract model for describing files and filestores, and the possible actions on them. Where no ambiguity exists, the term is shortened in Iso 8571 to “filestore”
5.2 Architectural
accounting regime
the period during which a particular set of accounting information applies
commitment unit
a set of filestore actions which either succeeds, the effect then being made visible to other processes, or fails completely with no effect visible to other processes
NOTE Nullification of the actions in a commitment unit is possible at any time up to the completion of the commitment unit.
that collection of information which can be associated with a file service regime and which must be preserved if error recovery is to be possible
that file service user which accepts an FTAM regime establishment requested by the initiator
the nullification of uncommitted actions
sending entity; sender
the entity which sends part or all of the file’s contents during the file data transfer regime
service element
a unit of standardization specifying a complete group of functions
service primitive
the smallest defined interaction between the user and the provider of a communication service
symbiotic service element
a service element which will support the operation of some second service by adopting its semantics and including parts of its abstract syntax at defined points in the abstract syntax of the first service’s protocol control information
5.3 Filestore schema
activity attributes
the attributes describing the activity of using the file service. The attributes are local to one FTAM regime (and any regime nested within it)
a piece of information stating a property of something, taking one of a set of defined values, each value having a defined meaning
file attributes
the name and other identifiable properties of a file
NOTE The same value of a file attribute is observed at a particular time by any user of the file service, even when more than one user is active at that time.
5.4 Filestore access
access context
the specification of an algorithm defining a subset of the structuring information and user information in a file’s contents, when reading the file for transfer or access.
6 Abbreviations
The following abbreviations are used in parts 2 to 4 of ISO 8571:
ACSE association control service element
ASE application service element
CCR commitment, concurrency and recovery
DU data unit
EFS external file service
FADU tile access data unit
FERPM file error recovery protocol machine
FPDU file protocol data unit
FPM file protocol machine
FTAM file transfer, access and management
Id identifier
IFS internal file service
OS! open systems interconnection
OSIE open systems interconnection environment
PCI protocol control information
PDU protocol data unit
PDV presentation data value
PSDU presentation service data unit
RSE real system environment

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