BS AU 181:1982 pdf free download

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BS AU 181:1982 pdf free download.Specification for Interface dimensions for demountable vehicle body systems.
1 Scope
BS AU 181 is applicable to equipment for both roadlroad and roadlrail operations.
It specifies dimensions in metric units which affect the interchangeability between demountable vehicle body systems and applies to both straight lift and roller contact demountable bodies for category 1, 2 and 3 vehicles.
2 Reference
The following standards publication is referred to in BS AU 181.
BS 395L Freight containers — Part I General— Section 1.2 Specification for corner fittings for series I freight containers.
3 Definitions
For the purposes of BS AU 181, the following definitions apply.
demountable body
a body with a chassis equipped with demounting equipment and tie-down twist lock devices
category 1 vehicles
vehicles above 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) with body lengths of 6 058 mm and above
category 2 vehicles
vehicles above 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight with a body length less than 6 058 mm
category 3 vehicles
vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes
4 Dimensions
4.1 Base frame. The dimensions which affect interchangeability between vehicle chassis and a demountable body system shall be as given in Table 1. and Figure 1, Figure 2 and Figure 3, as applicable to bodies for use on category 1, 2 and 3 vehicles, respectively and according to the type of demountable system.
The difference in the length of the diagonals d1 and d9, between the twistlock centres, shall be not greater than 13 mm.
4.2 Twistlock receptacles. Base frames shall be fitted with four twistlock receptacles, positioned in accordance with Figure 1, and having dimensions as shown in Figure 4, which are in accordance with
BS 3951-1.2.
4.3 Additional requirements
4.3.1 Base frames for straight lift demountable systems shall be provided with centring cones positioned one on the front nearside and one on the rear offside, in accordance with the dimensions given in Table 1 and Figure 3.
4.3.2 Two lifting areas shall be provided on base frames on which lifting forces are imposed by chassis mounted equipment to accept lifting forces applied over a minimum area of 100 cm2 at each lift area (see Figure 1).
4.3.3 For category 3 vehicles the lifting areas shall be capable of accepting the total lifting forces without assistance from the outer lift areas.
4.3.4 Base frames for roller contact systems shall have a centring tunnel the full length of the base frame.
4.3.5 The body and payload weight shall not be taken by the twistlocks alone; the weight shall be distributed along the chassis.
4.3.6 The overall load dimensions include all fixtures and fittings, i.e. no extraneous items shall protrude beyond the overall dimensions stated in Table 1.
4.3.7 Twistlocks, centring spigots and lifting equipment shall be mounted on vehicle chassis to match relevant dimensions quoted for base frames.
4.3.8 Chassis equipped for roller contact systems shall be fitted with a roller track to match the rollers in the base frame and also twistlocks to match the twistlock receptacles.

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