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BS EN 138:1994 pdf free download.Respiratory protective aevices — Fresh air hose breathing apparatus for use with full face mask, half mask or mouthpiece assembly — Requirements, testing, marking.
overflow valve
A [1011 return VaIVb, fitted to tile lreatlnng hose,
hat is SjCihCalIy designed
supply to escape to atmosphere.
.3.3 breathing bag
levice vhich 0EUJWflSatS br vanation in t he ai suIy and pn vides for peak inhalat in flow reIhiIir.iI)fnts
4 I)eseript ion
rE The ti•rm sLiit tt,Ie ncds% d fat epitbec snpking : h F I 3I, FN 110 or FN 142 a-c appropr,a(e.
4. 1 Fresh air hose l,reat hing apparatus (unassisted)
ilils apparat LIS ellal)les I lie wearer II with t)reathable .tirupplwd by hi own hrthat hitig act ion through an air supply hose to a full l’acc IIILSk Or IllOtli hI’WcI’ assciuibly. T1W exhaled air flows into the ambient atmosphere. This type ‘f apparatus is class 2 only and can n 1 inerat e a half .
4.2 Fresh air hose breathing apparatus
(manually assisted)
This apparatus enables the wearer to 1W prcV
with breathiahk’ air which is forced through a low iur sll hose b a manually operated device (blower) to a suitable lacepiece. In an
elnergeny the wearer is able to inhale whether or not the blower is operating. The exhaled and
‘Ilie aplara Us shall colt irnw touncInn satisfactorily after being submerged in water and shall meet the requirements of 6. 1i. WkRNJN The apparatus is not designed for use tinder water
61 Cleaning and disilifebeting
fii Praeth’aI performance test
he Ippnr;1tIs sh;ill be stub t hat it ran 1w worn witiiou t avoidable lisconefi rt , it u.’ wearers shall show no undue siis of strain attributable to wearmg the apparatus. anl it shall impede I he wearer as little as possible when in a crouched pusition or when working in a confined space
N(fI’E. These test.s serve the t iruose of checkini the euuimcnt for imperfections that cannot b4’ determined by the te$s dewrIt) eLsewhere m tins stajidard.
Where in the opinion of the test station approval is hot granted because practical pertornianre tests show the apparatus has imperfections related to wearers acceptance, the test station shall describe the tests which reveaied these imperfeetion.s. This will enable other test stations to dupheate the tests and assess the results tlwreot.
Thstiiig in accordance with 7.4.
6.5 Coiuicctors
6.5.1 General
Components of the apparatus shall be readily separated for cleaning, examining and testing.
All deinountable connections shall be readily connected and secured, where possible by hand. Any means of sealing shall 1w retaiiied in position when the joints or eoupLins are disconnected during normal maintenance.
‘Thsting in accOrdance with 7.Z and 7.4. 6..2 couplings
The apparatus shall be constructed so that any twisting of the breathing hose or fresh air supply hose dues not affect the fit or perfornianie of the a)paratus, or cause either hose to become disconnected. The des1 of the coupling shall he :uch w to Prevent unintentional interrul)I ion of the airly.
Thsting in accordance with 7. and 7.4,
6.8.3 Apparatus specifically designed for temperatures beyond the liints for storage or use
6.9 Flammability
S hen tested in acv rdance wit ii 7. H all ex N )S( I
components of the apparatus shall not continue to
burn for more than re s after removal from the
6. 10 Air supply system
6. 10. 11 ‘na.ssi.s’frd air supply
The air supply hose shall be fitted with a strainer
at (he fr—r rII(l to exclude (lebris. Pr visü )n shall I e
mide for N.urt.1Iy inchoring the free erni of the
se awl St raiiier.
Rsting in accurdanue with 7.2 and 7.4.
Ii. IIfl.h .tlUIlu(IHy (AS($(’U LilT Manually as.sited blowers shall he capable of being niwrated cnntmunuslv by one man at the
manufacturers minimum air supply rate for at least 30 mm.
It is recommended that apparatus provided with a manually assisw air supply 51101111 incorporate a breathing bag or similar device.
6. 10.3 iuer operated air supply Rotary type blowers shall be capable of maintaining 1 Hi5itIV’ air IrhSSLlrh Wit ii eithr IifllCtOfl ‘f rotation, or they shall he designed to operate in one direction only. Where the blower can operate in either (lirecHor) 1W (Iirei ion of operation 111 which the blower delivers (he lesser volume of air shall be used iii the tests.
6.11 Air supply hose R. 11. 1 Rpi.ctanrc to eoI1apc 1]nns.cLctd appurntu.c
S hen tiriassist t(I apparat LIS iS tested 111 accor(Iance with 7.9 with an applied load of 1000 N the increase in breathing resistance shall not exceed I mbar.
6. 11. 1.2 Manuull isisWd or ;owcr Opd upjw, rut uc
Vhen rnanuall a.sisted and power operated apparatus is tested in accordance with 7.9 the rc(lUctiofl in air flow shall not exceed 10 % when au applied force of 20 N is used for class 1 or an applied ftrvc of 1000 N is used for class .
6.11.2 ResLstance to kinkiny 7iuissist,’d apparatus
When iina.c.cisted apparatus is tested in aeeorIah1with 7. 10 with an applied load of 2 N the iiivrea in breathing rristaiwe shall not eXceeI 1 nihar.
7.4.3 PreparaUon of uppurutus to &e frsted Before each test the apparatus shall be checked foi h’aktightness. The lengt.h of air supply hoses shaH he the maximum specified.
7.4.4 Test condition8
All tet ihall be carried out at amhicnt temperature and the test temperature and humidity shall Lw recorded.
7.4.6 Work .simulation test
The following activities shall be done in simulation of the practical use of the apparatus. This test shall be continuous, without removal of the apparatus and to be completed within a t0141 working flme of
30 111111.
The sequence of activities is at the discttion of the test officer.
a) 30 pulls on a working machine, each pull twing vertical froni 1 ill towards the ground on a of 25 kg;
b) walking on the level with full headroom (total distance 125);
c) walking on the Level with headroom of (1,3 ± 0,2) m (total distance 200 m)
7.1 lIc’at resistance of air supply hose Set the apparatus to the nUnimum floW (011(titiOIl and using a breathing machine adjusted to give a sifluSoidal floW rate of 20 cycles ‘mm and 1 list rokt” t lirough t he apparat 1s. Place approximately 100 iflifl of the air supply hose in contact with a hot plate malnta)ned at (130 ± l) o and imnwrse a further part in boiling water.
After 15 mm remove the air upp1y hose from thea hot plate and the 1iling water, emi,w for signs of dairiagea and check that 11w quality if I I it’ aim passing through the hose has not been significantly affected.
7. 1 Takage of overflow valve
A negative Priasslire of I0, mhar is maint;iirwl under the vahe and time oemflow val.e is eonsidtred to bP k’aktight if time hr i.SLIN’ HbS not change by more than 1 mbar in I mm.
In this test a voltmnw of (N) ml shall be maintained under the valve.
7.14 Breathing resistance
7.14.1 AU apparatus
appar-al US to a iltimmimy Iwa(I or ti ro or a breathing machine where a standard thread is used. nsure that the length of air supply hose is that submitted with the apparatus for test. Coil half the air supply hose to an inside dianieter nf 500 miii. ( limed a I’ivatl wig iiiavliiiit’ to 11w dummy hea(l and operate it at a flow rate of r)0 1, ruin (25 c’vcIesmin. 2 1 stroke). Measure amid record the brent lung resistuiwe i follows:
a) inhalat i m resistance; with the continuous 110W valve, ii fitted, fully closed;
h) exhal(IIn n resist afl( e; with the uoritinuous flow valve, if fitted, fully open.

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