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BS EN 1981:2003 pdf free download.Copper and copper alloys-Master alloys.
1 Scope
BS EN 1981 specifies the compositions of copper-based master alloys intended for the manufacture, deoxidation, or desulfurization of cast or wrought alloys, especially those based on copper, supplied in the form of ingots, notched bar, notched slab (waffle plate), granules or broken pieces.
A procedure is included for sampling the master alloys for analysis for verification of conformity to the composition requirements.
A method for the determination of chromium(III)-oxide in chromium-copper master alloy is given in annex A.
2 Normative references
BS EN 1981 incorporates by dated or undated reference, provisions from other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter, For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to BS EN 1981 only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references the latest edition of the publication referred to applies (including amendments).
EN 1655, Copper and copper alloys — Declarations of conformity.
EN 10204, Metallic products — Types of inspection documents.
NOTE Informative references to documents used in the preparation of BS EN 1981, and cited at the appropriate places in
the text, are listed in the bibliography.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this standard, the following terms and definitions apply:
master alloy
alloy intended to add one or more elements to a melt
4.1.2 Symbol
The material symbol designation is based on the designation system given in ISO 1190-1.
NOTE Although material symbol designations used in this standard might be the same as those in other standards using
the designation system given in ISO 11 9O1, the detailed composition requirements are not necessarily the same.
4.1.3 Number
The material number designation is in accordance with the system given in EN 1412.
4.2 Product
The product designation provides a standardised pattern of designation from which a rapid and unequivocal description of a product is conveyed in communication. It provides mutual comprehension at the international level with regard to products which meet the requirements of the relevant European Standard.
The product designation is no substitute for the full content of the standard.
The product designation for products to BS EN 1981 shall consist of:
— denomination (Copper master alloy);
— number of BS EN 1981 (EN 1981);
— material designation. either symbol. or number (see Table 1);
— material form (the following designations shall be used as appropriate: ING for ingots, NOB tor notched bars, NOS for notched slabs. GRN for granules and BPS for broken pieces) (see 6.2).
The derivation of a product designation is shown in the following example.
EXAMPLE Copper master alloy conforming to (his standard, in materêal designated either CuP15(B) or CM218E. in the form of granules. shall be designated as follows:
7 Sampling
7.1 General
When required (e.g., it necessary in accordance with specified procedures of a supplier’s quality system, or when the purchaser requests inspection documents with test results, or for use in cases of dispute), an inspection lot shall be sampled in accordance with 7.2 or 7.3.
7.2 Cast analysis
For routine control purposes a sample representative of each cast shall be taken from the furnace, or crucible, during the process of casting, and poured into a clean permanent mould of dimensions appropriate to the chosen method of analysis.
7.3 Cases of dispute
In cases of dispute concerning the composition of a master alloy in a consignment, the method of sampling shall be agreed between the disputing parties.
8 Methods of analysis
8.1 Routine cast analysis
The routine methods of analysis carried out on the sample obtained in accordance with 7.2, to verify conformity of
the cast of master alloy to this standard, shall be at the discretion of the supplier
8.2 Determination of chromium(lll)-oxide in alloy CuCrlO (CM2O2E)
For alloy CuCrlO (CM2O2E), the method recommended for the determination of Cr203 is given in annex A. NOTE A qualitative assessment can be made by examining a polished microsection, under polarized light, at x 250 magni. fication.
8.3 Cases of dispute
The following rules shall be used for rounding:
a) if the figure immediately alter the last figure to be retained is less than 5. the last figure to be retained shall be kept unchanged;
b) if the figure immediately after the last figure to be retained is equal to or greater than 5. the last figure to be retained shall be increased by one.
9 Declaration of conformity and inspection documentation
9.1 Declaration of conformity
When requested by the purchaser [see 5 f)J and agreed with the supplier, the supplier shall issue for the products
the appropriate declaration of conformity in accordance with EN 1655.
9.2 Inspection documentation
When requested by the purchaser [see 59)1 and agreed with the supplier, the supplier shall issue for the products the appropriate inspection document in accordance with EN 10204.
10 Marking, labelling, packaging
Each consignment of a master alloy supplied shall be assembled into bundles or containers and shall be labelled with the manufacturer’s mark, the material symbol (or material number), and the number(s) of the cast(s) from which the material has been supplied, together with any requirements for the safe handling and storage of the material.
When requested by the purchaser [see 5 h)) and agreed with the supplier, casts shall be kept separate.

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