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BS EN 2009:1992 download free.Bearings — airframe rolling rigid, single row ball bearings in steel diameter series 8 and 9 — Dimensions and loads.
1 Scope
BS EN 2009 specifies the characteristics, of rigid single row ball bearings of diameter series 8 and 9 designed to withstand only slow rotations and oscillations under load. They are intended for use between fixed and moving parts of the aircraft structure and their control mechanisms.
2 Fields of application
The airframe roller bearings defined in the present standard shall be used from — 54 to + 150 °C.
However, being lubricated with the following greases:
— very high pressure grease. ester type (code A). operational range — 73 to + 121 °C or
— very high pressure grease, synthetic hydrocarbons, general purpose (code B). operational
range — 54 to + 177 °C (refer to EN 2063),
their field of application when lubricated with code A grease shall be limited to + 121 °C.
3 References
ISO 15:1981. Rolling bearings — Radial bearings — Boundary dimensions.
EN 2031, Steel FE-PL3I, Hardened and tempered, Bars.
EN 2063, Bearings, airframe rolling — Technical Specification.
4 Definitions
Rigid bearings, full complement (without cage), single row, with filling slot..
5 Symbols
dmp = single plane mean bore diameter deviation.
Dmp = single plane mean outside diameter deviation.
C8= permissible static radial load.
Famax= permissible static axial load.
Y8= coefficient of axial load.
6 Materials
Inner ring: Steel EN 20312), 59 to 64 IIRC.
Outer ring: Steel EN 20312). 59 to 64 HRC.
Balls: Steel EN 20312). 59 to 64 HRC,
Shields: Corrosion resisting material.
Seals: Polytetrafluorocthylene (PTFK): or polytetratluoroethylene (PT’FE). glass fibre reinforced plastic
7 Required characteristics
7.1 Dimensions — Tolerances — Clearances — Loads — Mass
Configuration shall correspond with the Figure. Dimensions shall correspond with the Table. Bearings can be assembled with either seals or shields.
7.2 Surfiwe roughness
Ra = 0.2 im for the raceway and rolling elements
Ru = 0.8 im for the bore, side faces and cylindrical outer surface.
where the following codes are applied:
Greases Types
A = ester type grease E = with seals
B = synthetic hydrocarbon P = with shields
type grease
NOTE If necesary. the orig nalor code S 9005 may be introduced between the description block and the identity block.
9 Marking
In addition to the manufacturers’ own marking, each bearing shall be marked, on one side face only using the identity block as deimed in clause 8 of this standard.
Marking position and method are at the manufacturer’s option.
10 Technical specification
Bearings supplied to this standard shall conform with the requirements of KN 206.3.

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