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BS EN 228:1993 pdf free download.specification for Unleaded petrol ( gasoline ) for motor vehicles.
As a consequence of the adoption of the request. issued to CEN concerning the establishment of a standardization programme in the field of motor vehicle fuels (BC/CEN/8/87) by the Commission of the European Communities, the Commission requested that CEN create two European Standards for unleaded Petrol tEl addition to the existing EN 228. One European Standard was to deal with the characteristics designated in the first edition as type B and type C characteristics, for which national bodies would no longer be allowed to set requirements nationally. The other European Standard was to set or amend requirements as necessary in view of the use of oxygenates in unleade(1 Petrol.
In view of the major effects that these two new European Standards would have Ofl the existing EN 228 and on each other, it was decided by CEN/it 19 to (Iraft a full new edition of EN 228 in response to these requests.
1 Scope
BS EN 228 specifies requirements and methods of test for unleaded petrol as marketed and as delivered in the countries of the members of CEN. It is for use in petrol engine vehicles designed to run on unleaded petrol, including those equipped with devices to reduce emitted pollutants.
All requirements apply equally to regular and premium grade unleaded petrol, unless indicated otherwise. The requirements regarding the regular grade apply only if a regular grade unleaded Petrol is marketed.
2 Normative references
BS EN 228 incorporates by dated or undated reference, provisions from other pul)lications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references the latest edition of the publication referred to applies.
EN 5 Determination of er?stent guni in fuels by jet evaporation
EN 12 Liquid petroleum products – Determ I nation qf i’apou r pressure – Wet ifl(’thod
EN 237 Liquid petroleum prothicts – Determination of low lead concent ?Y1 I iOflS – A talfl ic (1 bSOrJ)t ion Spectivmet nc ?n(’IhOd
EN 238’) Liquid petroleum products – Determ I nat ion of the benzene content – Iifra red speetrrrnietnic method
EN 242602) Petroleum products (mud hydrocarbons – Determ mat ion of su fu r content – Wicktk)ld cain &u.ct ion met hod
ISO 1:388-2 : Ethanol for industrial use – Method of 1981 test – Fzrt 2: Detection oJalkaliiuty
or determination qf acidity to thalein.
ISo 2160: Ft’trn!eum products – Cor siveness to 1985 copper – Copper strip test
ISo 3170: &trnk’um products – Liquid 1988 hydrocarbons – Manual sampling
ISo :3171: H’? roleu in products – Liquid 1988 hydrocarbons – Autumatic pipeline
ISO :1405 : Hi roleu in products – Deterrn mat ion Qf 1988 distillation characteristics
ISo 3675 : Crude pet rok’um and liquid 1976 petroleum products – Laboratory
(l’terifl inatio’n of density or relative
density – hydrometer method
ISo 4259 : Th’tmleum products – Determination 1979 a nd appl?cation of precision data in
relation to methods of test
ISO 516:3: Motor and aviation-tgpe fuels — 1990 Determ inaton of knock
characteristics – Motor method
ISO 5164: Motor fuels – 1)etermimztion of knock 1990 cli a racteristics – Jê’s(’a rch method ISO 75:36) Goline – L)eterm ination of oxidation
stability – Induction period method ISO 8754 : !k’trnleuin products – Dcterminalion qf 1992 sur content – Nondispersive X-ray
fluorescence method
ASTM [) Test method for density and relative
4052) : density qf liquids by digital density
1991 meter
3 Sampling
Samples shall be taken as (lescrlbed in ISO 3170 or ISO :3171 and/or in accordance with the requirements of national standards or regulations for the sampling of unleaded petrol. The national requirements shall be set out in detail or shall be referred to by reference in a national annex to BS EN 228.
Nt TFE. It is eential that for saniphng of unleaded petrol the containers used to take and store the samples before test are not (*Ontaminated with lead.
4 Pump marking
Information to be marked on dispensing pumps used for delivering unleaded petrol, and the dimensions of the mark shall be in accordance with the requirements of national standards or regulations for the marking of pumps for unleaded petrol. Such requirements shall be set out in detail or shall be referred to by reference in a national annex to this European Standard.
5 Requirements and test methods
5.1 Dyes and markers
The use of dyes and markers is allowed.
5.2 Additives
In order to improve the performance quality the
use of additives is allowed.
5.3 Phosphorus
In order to protect automotive catalyst systems, phosphorus containing compounds shall not be included in unleaded petrol.
5.4 Oxygenates content
The limits for the oxygenates content are given in an EC Directive (see Annex A, Al). An EN giving a test method for the determination of the oxygenates content is being developed. For the time being methods as indicated in the relevant EC Directive (see Annex A, A2) shall he used.
5.5 Acidity
‘lb adequately limit the acidity of the petrol, the acidity of fuel ethanol used a.s a hlendstock shall not exceed 0,007 % rn/rn (as acetic acid) when tested in accordance with ISO 1388-2.
5.6 Generally applicable requirements and test methods
When tested in accordance with the test methods indicated in tables 1 and 2, premium grade unleaded petrol an(I regular grade unleaded petrol respectively shall be in accordance with the limits specified in tables 1 and 2.
5.7 Climatically dependent requirements and test methods
5.7.1 Water tolerance
Given the known potential for some motor gasolines to absorb water, suppliers shall ensure that no water segregation occurs under the range of climatic conditions experienced in the country concerned. When there is a risk of water separation, anti-corrosion additives shall be incorporated.
5.7.2 Volatility requirements
The volatility requirements of petrol shall he controlled by limits on the properties given ifl table 3.
‘lb meet the (lifferent seasonal anti geographical conditions eight volatility classes are defined as given in table 4, and illustrated by figure 1. Each country shall, in a national annex to this European Standard, specify which one of these eight classes applies during a (lefined period of the year for a defined region of its country.
5.8 Precision and dispute
All the test methods referred to in this European Standard include a Precision statement. In cases of dispute, the procedures described in ISO 4259 for resolving the dispute, and interpretation of the results based on test method precision shall be used.

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