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BS EN ISO 13385-1:2011 download free.Geometrical product specifications ( GPS ) Dimensional measuring equipment.
I Scope
This pert of ISO 13385 provides the moat Hoi1ant design and meoIoaI cha ristica of calhper,
— with analogUe Indication: vernier scale cua, scale (d.1. and
__ with gflaI Indication: digital displey.
2 Normative references
The icaowing referenced documents we indisperwable fer 84 apØicalion at this doasnant. For dated references, only the edibon caed applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenc.d document (Induding any amendmeits applies.
ISO 14253-1. Gecmetndal Floduct Specflcaitions CPS) — Mepecbon by measurement of r.vJ*pieces and m.asurtng equipment — Part 1: Decision ,ubs tot proving conformance or non.cov*nnanc. with
ISO 14253-2:2011. Geometflcal product spea8catEons (GPS) — Mspectlon by rneasurernecd of wor*patces and messwtng .qt4im.nt — Part 2.’ Guidance for the .stUnation of uncertainty in GPS n*aswement, In calibradon of measuring equipment and in produc veri6caLior,
ISO 149782006, Geometrical product specdtcaoons (GPS) — General concepts and requirements for GPS me equnent
PEC 60529, Degrees of protection by endosiaes (IP Cod.)
ISOIIEC Guide 984. (hic.#ainty of measurement — Par? 3: Gud. to the espr.sskin of uncertainty in measurement (0UM1995)
ISOI1EC GuIde 99. international vocabulary of metvotogy — Basic and general concepts and associated terms
3 Terms and definitions
For e* purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 14978, ISOIEC Guide 99. and the following apply.
measuring instrument which gives the evaluation cia dimensional quantity of an internal or external feature on the basis of the movement of a slider with a meaaunng jaw, moving relative to a measuring scale on a rigid hewn and a fixed jaw
See Figwas 1 and 2.
NOTE I Calhpws aith in addi&m rneasuflng face at the arid ci the bean arid a depth meaaurrng rod are ueed for deem m.aaswnenes (se Figi,. I
NOTE 2 TIre mdicat)on may be .4w analogue (vender), clfoiw scale or dII. Regarding dig11 data tiwiefer. ese 4.3.3
NOTE 3 S.. Amex C lot esanidee oldilfeent fps of cat*ers
NOTE 4 Se. Amex 0 5 eawngrte. of Several t’pe. of rneaaur.menla,
measuring face contact
contact between the measuring face and a feature of a workplace
full measuring face contact
contact between the full eras of ew measuring face and a feature of a wodqdece
partial measuring lace contact
contact between a partial area of the measuring face and a feature ala workplace
measuring face line contact
contact between a line, perpenccular to the length of the jaws, on the measunng face and a feature of a workplace
NOTE Fonvi deviations N elaw the meeergirç taos(s) or 11w feature are disregarded for the pr,poeee of these
4 Design characteristics
4.1 General design and nomenclature
The general design and wodunansh of the calliper shell be such that lb meliologlcal characteristics comgly with ew part of ISO 13385 under at operational orientaliowis unless otherwise specifwd by the manufacturer. See Figures 1 and 2 lot general design
Callipers with a dgtal display may alia be capable at data transr, In this case, me menufadurer sh deecnbe the data output protocol (interface) in suthoent detail,
4.3,4 Prot.ctton for field use
Manufacturers shall express clearly which type at water and dust protection w provined (IP code aocordin to
fEC 60529), and whether elactromagnedC fleld protectleri Is given or null
4.4 Measudng faces
Measuring faces st conset of werreglebeit material of euable surface leh. They shall not be shap.
5 Metrological characteristics
5.1 General
Calliper. with a verner scale have a fixed zero po,
Adjustable with a digital display shall be able to be set to zero in any powbon within th, measuring range adjustable callipers wilt, a circular scale shall be able to be set to zero within the range of the scale. The metrologlcal characteristics at this part of ISO 13385 apply when the faces for external measurements are pressed against each other for zero siding
NOTE Requrernenia for tne.a and pa’alHsm at me Ineurng lace, ale not ven separately.
5.2 Effect of slider locking
If the wider ta clamped (ii, the slider is equipped with • locking screw or a damping device), the denension
etach Is set shal not change and the Indicaben shall fulfil the foaow,ng conditions,
— Campers with analogue indicabon: the indication shall not change.
— Caeis with lal indication: the indicated value shell not change by more than the last signiticant digit of the indicabon
When the slider Is locked, the degdal daplay sl not change by more than one digital step.
5.3 Maximum permissibl, error of Indication (limited by MPE)
5,3.1 General
The error-of-indication characterIstics apply teeny Indications based on the zero setting staled In 5.1. These CIWSCIeIIB1ICS apply Independently of the measuring range of the camper The error of indication shall not be greeter than the m,xsnum*ile error (IWE)
NOTE The limits of permeable error cannot be smaller than the diglal step or the scale interval
5.3.2 PartIal surfac, contact error E (lImited by E111
This I the error of indication alien a partial meawawig lace contact (32.2) Is employed. For an example, see A.2.2.
5,3.3 RepeatabIlity of partial surfac, contact .itor. R (tbnhl.d by
This is the closeness of agreement between thi resutta of successive measurements of the same measurand carried out at any position on the jaws under the same conditions of measurement. For an exartle, see A.26. The manufacturer shall express the manner r which the repeatabulty Is assessed and reported
5.3.4 Scale shIft error, .t (limited by .c.)
This ts the error ci indication when using measuring faces other then the m.aswing faces (or eiclem measurement provided that a full contact of the measuring faces even, For an example, see A2 3.
NOTE Scale slut mdates eri at krm of the rneasuflng faces hv dqiSt measuring and thang. at Ste dlrecticn of m.aeumg torte.
5.3.5 Liii. contact irror, L (ilrviII.d by LMPE)
This Is the error ci lidicabon ishen a measixtrig face bo contact (32.3) ‘S mplod. For an example. see AlA.
NOTE IJne Iexci arm, is .sp.catly InWorsuIl for ie.d ars
5.3.6 Full surfac, contact error, J (limited by
This Is the error of Indlcabon when a full meesunng face contact (321) 1 employed. For an example. sea A.2 5.
NOTE The It$ surface core •5 potenoal uneeaw, ci the ellect of Ste form devin ci both measuring la.
5.3.1 Effect (error) due to cross.d knhf…dg. dlstaic., K (tended by K)
This is the error of indication when the measurement is performed by using the crossed knife..dg. jaws
perpendicular to the length of jaws ma small clindrlca hole. For an example, see A.21.
5.4 UPE and MPL for a numb.r of wetrological characterIstics
The maximum permissible error tMPE) a the extreme value of en error 01 a metrologal characteristic permitted by the speotftcallon
The maxniurn permissU. limit (MPL) is he extreme value ci a metrologicat characteristic permitted by the spectfication.
The manufacturer shall specify the MPE and UPL information for the calliper meti’ologlcal characteristics listed te Figure 10. Unless otherwise specitied by the marsAadurer, Ste MPE)MPL values sl comply at any position edhin the measuring range and at any orientation of the oser.
Accordeig to ISO 14978:2006. 75.1. MPEs shall b. given as a continuous fixiction (e.g stisight lines conneding given poess); see ISO 14978:2006, 7.5.3, for the model Figure 10 provIdes an example spedllcation shed for individual dimcnsions,
6 IndicatIon In product documentation and data sheets
The indications shown in Table 3 are allowed for use in product documentation, drawings. data sheets. etc as these abernaLwves reduce the amount of small text In sutsuigts to allow for Improved visibelSy and clarity. An example data sheet is shown in Annex E.

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