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ISO 1920-1:2004 pdf free download.Testing of concrete Part 1 Sampling of fresh concrete.
1 Scope
This pelt of ISO 1920 speatles procedures for the sampi Wig of fresh concrete, The samples are used br the teetWig of properties of fresh concrete, or for making test specimens to determrne the properties of hardened concrete.
NOTE ISO 1920-1 specifies the properties of fresh concrete and ISO 1920.3 gives the ptocathø.s for makthg and curing leSt specimere.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of ISO 1920-1. For dated references, only the edition cited apphas. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 1920-2. TestIng of concrete — Pert 2: Properties of fresh concrete
ISO 1920-3. TestIng of concrete — Pert 3: Mak,ng and curing test specimens
ISO 1920-4, TestIng of concrete — Pert 4: Strength of hardened concrete
3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of ISO 1920-1, the following terms and defwiihons apply.
quantity of concrete, mixed in one cycle of operation of a batch mixer, or the quantity of concrete conveyed ready-mixed In a vehicle, or the quantity discharged overt mm from a continuous mbcer
composite sample
quantity of concrete consisting of a number of increments, distnbuted through a batch or mass of concrete. which are thoroughly mixed together
spot sample
quantity of concrete taken from part of a batch or mass of concrete, consisting of one or more increments that are thoroughly mixed together.
quantity of concrete taken by the single operation of a scoop
4 PrInciple
4.1 Taking a composit. sample
Concrete le sampled from a stream of moving concrete or from a pde In a series of increments ardlng to
8.2 These increments are then thoroughly mixed together.
4.2 Taking a spot sample
Concrete is sampled from a stream of moving concrete or from a pile at a single point.
Spot samples are not representative of the batch and should not be used to manufacture strength specimens.
5 Apparatus
5.1 Scoop, made from non-absorbent material not readily attacked by cement paste, with a size suitable for taking increments of conuete.
5.2 ContaIners, one or more, made from non-absorbent matenal not readily attacked by cement paste, for receiving, transporting and remixing the concrete samples.
5.3 Thermometer (when required), to measure the temperature of fresh concrete loan accuracy of ± I C.
5.4 Moist cloth
6 Sampling procedure
6.1 SamplIng plan
Decide whether a spot sample or a composite sample is to be taken.
NOTE Thu will depend upon the imended use o(th. saniçib
Take a sample that Is at least 1,5 times the quantity estImated as being required for the test.
A procedure for monitoring sampling errors is described In Annex A.
6.2 Obtaining a composite sample
Ensure that the apparatus is clean and dampen it with a moist, but not wet, cloth prior to use.
Using the scoop (5,1). take the required number of Increments uniformly distributed throughout the batch,
When sampling from a stationary batch mixer or ready-mixed concrete truck, disregard the very list and the very last of the discharge. When sampling from a faiting stream, the increments shall be taken in such a way as to represent the whole width and thickness of the stream. If the batch has been deposited in a heap of concrete, take the increments, wherever possible, distflbuted through the depth of the Concrete as well as over the exposed surface. Samples shal not be taken from paris of the concrete that are obviously different from the rest of the pile. sudi as from areas that ate oversanded or stoney.
The Increments shall be taken from at least three places. Deposit the increments into the container(s) (5.2), Record the date and time of sampling
6.3 Obtaining a spot sample
Ensure that the apparatus is clean and dampen it with a moist, but not wet, cloth prior to use.
Using the scoop (5.1). take the increment(s) from the required part of a batch or mass of concrete
Deposit the Increment(s) into the container (5.2).
Record the date and time of sampling.
6.4 Transporting, handling and care of samples
At all stages of sampling, transport and handling, protect the fresh concrete samples against contamination. increase or loss of moisture, excessive vration. end against extreme variations of temperature.
The properties of fresh concrete change with time after muting, depending upon the environmental condlbons This should be taken into acoounl in deciding when tests are carried out or specimens made.
When taking the concrete from the container(s), ensure that no more than a light covering of slurry Is left adhering to the container(s)
6.5 Measuring the temperature of the sample
When required, measure the temperature of the concrete in the container(s) at the time of sampling.
7 Sampling report
Each sample shall be accompanied by a report from the person responsible for taking the sample. M example of a lest report is given in Annex B. The report shall include
a) clear edentiecatlon of the sample.
b) type of sample (composite or spot).
c) Identification of the works,
d) identification of the element(s) In the works which the sample represents.
e) dale and time of sampling,
f) Identification of the batch sampled.
g) ambient temperature and weather conditions,
h) name and signature of person responsible for samping,
i) temperature of the concrete sample before discharging the concrete (when required),
j) any deviations from the standard method of sampling, arid
k) a declaration by the person technically responsible that the sample was obtained in accordance with this International Standard, except as noted ri j) above.

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