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ISO 8041-1:2017 pdf free download.Human response to vibration — Measuring instrumentation — Part 1: General purpose vibration meters.
Until 200S. when the previous cdition of this tloCLlflwflt was published. meaSuring lust rUflWiItatioil for human response to vibration (vibration meters) normally consisted of a signal processing Liflit and a detachable vibration transducer. According to recent developments, however, part of the signal processing Steps can he integrate(l in the transducer unit, so that the signal coming mit of the transdLlcer’s sensing element and going into the signal conditioning unit is riot accessible any more. These transducer units include, br example, IEPE and MEMS transducers.
Sonic of the test procedures specified in ISO 8041-1, however, presume that this point in the signal path is accessible (electrical input). Since such an input is not mandatory these tests can only be perlornwd on a vibration meter having an electrical input or after some technical modifications to the instrumentation, e.g. internal access to signal paths. Or those tests can only be performed mechanically, which in certain cases requires modifications to some test procedures. Such modifications to test procedures, however, are beyond the present scope of this document.
Some of the test procedures specified in ISO 8041-1 can only he pertormed it an electrical output is available, see for example £13. Sluice such an output is riot mandatory these tests can only be pertornwd on a vibration meter having au electrical output or after some technical modifications to the instrumentation, e.g. internal access to signal paths.
The verification test now specified in ISO 8041-1 is pr,Ict icable and has the obective of identilying an instrument which is adequately calibrated for the intended applications and is suitable for its purpose, at a cost reasonable for (1w calibration laboratory and affordable for the end user. Therefore, the verification test is strongly reduced in its extent compared to the full pattern evaluation, or validation, and only tests the most relevant characteristics of a vibration meter.
ISO 8041-1 specifies the performance specifications and tolerance limits for instruments designed to measure vibration values, for the purpose of assessing human response to vibration. It includes requirements for pattern evaluation, or validation. periodic verification and in situ checks, and the specification of vibration calibrators for in situ checks.
Vibration instrunwnts specified in ISO 8041-1 can be single instruments, combinations of instrunwntation or computer-based acquisition and analysis systems.
Vibi-ation instruments specified in this document are intended to measure vibration for one or more applications, stick as the following:
— hand-transmitted vibration (see ISO 5349-1);
— whole-body vibration (see ISO 2631-1, ISO 2631-2 and ISO 263 1—4);
— low-frequency whole-body vibration in the frequency range from 0,1 Hz to 0,5 Hz (see ISO 2631-1).
Vibration instruments can be designed for measurement according to one or more of the frequency weight ings defined within each of these applications.
Three levels of performance testing are defined in this document:
a) pattern evaluation or validation:
1) pattern evaluation, i.e. a full test of the instrument against the specifications defined in this doctinwnt;
2) validation of one-oil instruments, i.e. a limited set of tests ofan individual vibration nieasuring system against the relevant specifications defined in this tlocuincnt;
b) periodic verification, i.e. an intermediate set of tests designed to ensure that an instrument remains wit hi I) the requi i-ed performance specification;
c) in situ checks, i.e. a minimum level of testing required to indicate that an instrument is likely to be functioning within the required performance specification.
2 Normative references
fbi.’ iiistrunwnt documentation may describe alternative methods to lest the specified operations olik’ hu man-vibration meter.
NOTE The manufacturer o the human-vibration meter Is free to provide an input leSt point, or a dummy vibration transducer of specified electrIcal impedance (terminattonl. or an equivalelit input adapter (electrIcal or iion-electrtcai) to perlorm electrical tests on the Instrument,
The instrument documentation shall specify the maximum peak vibration at the vibration Lransducer and the maximum peak-to-peak signal (e.g. charge or voltage) that can he applied at the electrical iflpUt facility. The maximum vibration value and ihe masinuim peak-to-peak voltage shall not cause damage to the Instrument.
The tolerance limits given in ISO 8041-1 include the associated expanded uncertaintIes of measurement, calculated for a coverage factor of 2, correspwideng to a coverage probability of approxiniately 95 %. In accordance with the guidance given in lSO/llC Guide 93 Guldehnes for estimating iiistrurncntal measurement uncertainty are provided in Annex 1.
5.2 Display of signal magnitude
5.2,1 General
for instruments that can display more titan one rneasuremeiit quantity, a means shall be provided to ascertain clearly the measurement quantity that is being displayed. prclc’rably indicated by standard abbreviations or letter symbols.
The quantities: hat can he displayed by the human-vibration meter shall he described in the instrument documentation, along with a description of the corresponding indications on each display device.
The instrument shall display the frequency-weighted acceleiation values. Optionally, it may also display the lrequency’welghted acceleration value multiplied by a factor k. as defined in ISO 2631-1. Where multiplying factors are used, this shall be clearly Indicated on the instrument and the instrument shall be capable of displaying the multiplying factors.
Where a crinihincd axis output is displayed (e.g. vibration total value, 3..LLZ). the instrument shall be capable of displaying the values ol the molt iplying factors used.
When results of a measurement are provided at a digital output, the instrument documentation shall describe the method for transferring or downloading the digital data to an external data storage or display device, The instrument documentation shall identify the coniputer software as well as the hardware for the interlace. Internationally standardized Interlace bus compatibility is recommended.
Each alternative device for displaying the signal value, stated in the instrument documentation as conforming to the speciiicitions of this docunient. is considered in integral part olthe instrument. Each such alternative device sli.ill he included as part of the components required for contnrmance to the performance specifications in this clause and the applicable specllicatlons of fbusp 7. F.samples of alternative display devices include level recorders or computers with monitor screens.
lor an instrument that uses a display device with a range less than the linear operating range specified in £2. the instrument documentation shall describe a means to test the linearity beyond the limits of the indicator range.
5.2.2 Resolution and refresh rate
The display devicc(s) specified in the instrument documentation shall permit measurements with a resolution of not more than 1 % at the indicated value.
It an instrument only has an analogue, or siniulated 1 nalogue, display device that l)rovidcs ,i continuous Indication, the display shall he a logarithmic display oF the vibration value. The range ol the analogue display device shall include a display of at least 2 decades, with each decade being at least 10 mm wide.

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