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SAE J1953-2018 free download.Brake-Stroke Indicator Design Guideline for Cam or Disc Air-Brake Actuators.
SAE J1953-2018 shall cover mechanical-brake adjustment limit stroke indicators for actuators with visible exposed pushrods and electrical-brake adjustment limit stroke indicators for all air-brake actuators.
This device shall indicate the foundation brake(s) may require adjustment or service when inspected per vehicle manufacturer’s procedures. A measurement shall be made to determine actual stroke measurement for any system not factory calibrated.
Stroke indication accuracy of an air-brake actuator can be assured only when all of its components are supplied by the original brake actuator manufacturer.
SAE J1953-2018 establishes design guidelines for air-brake actuator stroke indicators.
3.1 Stroke Indicator
Mechanical Design Guidelines
3.1.1 The stroke indication shall occur at +0-3.8 mm(+0.00-0. 15 inches) of the recommended brake adjustment limit in Figure 3 of SAE J2899.
3.1.2 The stroke indication shall be high visibility orange to red(see Figure 1) 3.2 Stroke Indicator
Electrical Design Guidelines.
3.2.1 The stroke indication shall occur at +0-3.8 mm(+0.00-0.15 inches)of the recommended brake adjustment limit in Figure 3 of SAE J2899
3.2.2 Electrical system installation shall conform to SAE J1292, if applicable.

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