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SAE J2425-2004 pdf free download.Steering Control Systems – Laboratory Test Procedure Heavy Trucks.
This SAE Recommended Practice describes a laboratory test procedure for evaluating the characteristics of heavy truck steering control systems under simulated driver impact conditions. The test procedure employs a torso-shaped body block that is impacted against the steering wheel.
SAE Publications-Available from SAE, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001
SAE J211-1-Instrumentation for Impact Test-Part 1: Electronic Instrumentation
SAE J211-2-Instrumentation for Impact Test-Part 2: Photographic Instrumentation
SAE CRP-9-Heavy Truck Crashworthiness (Testing and Analysis for Recommended Practice Development ),November 1996
3.Items to be Determined
3.1 Impact velocity of the body block
3.2 Resultant force during the impact.
Instrumentation-Any system of instrumenation that will provide data from which the items in Section 3 can be determined is acceptable. The peak resultant force may be measured by mounting a 3-axis load cell between the steering wheel and column or may be calculated from unidirectional accelerometers mounted on the body block. All measurements should be recorded and filtered according to the most recent version of SAEJ211.
Any test equipment is satisfactory which can produce the minimum body block-to-steering wheel impact velocity of 24 km/h (15 mph ) and which insures the body block is moving lel to the vehicle horizontal reference, with translational (not rotational) motion, in side view at impact. (See Figure 5.).The direction of impact velocity, in the plan view, is parallel to the longitudinal vehicle axis.

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