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SAE J2807:2020 pdf free download.Performance Requirements for Determining Tow-Vehicle Gross Combination Weight Rating and Trailer Weight Rating.
Light truck, minivan, sport utility, and crossover vehicles represent a significant portion of the North American vehicle mix and trailering usage of these vehicles has increased. Heavier duty models, approaching medium-duty trucks and often intended for trailering, have become more popular as well. Some passenger cars are also rated to tow trailers. For many vehicles, trailer weight rating may be a major marketing point.
As trailer weight ratings have increased, engine characteristics like horsepower and torque, thermal performance, and driveline durability are no longer the only significant factors in determining trailering capability. Combination vehicle dynamics and tow-vehicle hitch/attachment structure have gained in significance.
This document defines procedures and requirements to determine gross combination weight rating(GCWR )and calculate corresponding railer weight rating (TWR) for any tow-vehicle. These procedures will establish consistent rating requirements and processes so end users(customers)can reasonably compare similar class models in terms of trailering ability.
This ocument establishes minimum performance criteria at GCWR and calculation methodology to determine tow-vehicle TWR for passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, and trucks. This ncludes all vehicles up to 14000 pounds GVWR.

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