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SAE J326:2020 pdf free download.Nomenclature – Hydraulic Backhoes.The size of this pdf file is 1.27M.
This SAE standard includes hydraulic backhoes which have no more than 190 degrees of rotational swing and are mounted on wheeled tractors and crawler tractors. Illustrations used are not intended to include all existing commercial machines or to be exact descriptions of any particular machine. The illustrations have been chosen to describe the principles to be used in applying this standard.
1.1 Purpose
This SAE standard defines types of hydraulic backhoes and the names of major components and parts peculiar to hydraulic backhoes.
2. 1 Applicable Documents
The following publications form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise indicated, the latest issue of SAE publications shall apply.
This document has been determined to contain basic and stable technology which is not dynamic in nature.
This document has been declared Stabilized ” by the SAE MT C1, Loaders, Crawlers, Scrapers and Mounted Attachments Committee and will no longer be subjected to periodic reviews for currency. Users are responsible for verifying references and continued suitability of technical requirements. Newer technology may exist.

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