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SAE J442-2020 free download.Test Strip, Holder, and Gage for Shot Peening.Size:2.91M.
This SAE Recommended Practice defines requirements for equipment and supplies to be used in measuring shot peening arc height and other surface enhancement processes. Guidelines for use of these items can be found in SAE J443 and SAE J2597.
3.1.4 Heat Treatment
All strips shall be uniformly hardened and tempered to produce tempered martensite having a hardness, as measured on the surface, of HRC (44 to 50 ) for the A and C strips, and HRA(72.5 to 76.0) for the N strips. Hardness shall be measured in accordance with ASTM E18 at approximately 13 mm (or 0.50 inch) from either end of the strip on the longitudinal center line of a flat side. Sampling for hardness testing of the strips shall be used. Hardness for sub-size test strips shall be measured in accordance with ASTM E18 at approximately 6.5 mm (or 0. 25 inch)from either end of the strip on the longitudinal center line of a flat side. Hardness determination precludes other use of the strip.
3.1.5 Surface Carbon
Strips shall be free from alteration of surface carbon level to the degree that any difference in average hardness between the surface and subsurface material shall not exceed two points as measured on the Rockwell 30-N scale The average of at least four readings in each should be used to make the comparison. Any such determination must be made on strips which have not been shot peened; hardness determination will preclude other use of the strip. Surface hardness readings that are less than subsurface readings indicate evidence of decarburization. Surface readings which are higher than the corresponding subsurface values indicate carburization. For example: If the average surface hardness is 62.5 on the Rockwell 30-N scale and, after careful grinding, a region below the surface is found to be 64.0 on the Rockwell 30-N scale, the strip is acceptable. If the subsurface reading had been 65.0 on the Rockwell 30-N scale, the difference (2.5 points) being over two points would constitute grounds for rejection.

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