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ISO 10161-2:1997 download free.Information and documentation — Open Systems Interconnection — Interlibrary Application Protocol Specification — Part 2: Protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) proforma.
To cvaluatc conforniancc of a particular implementation of an OSI protocol, it is necessary to have a description of the capabilities and options which have been implemented. Such a description is called a Protocol Implementation Cnntórmance Statement (PIUS).
A PICS Proforma is developed as a companion standard to an OSI protocol standard. it is developed in the [unit of a questionnaire to be filled out by a supplicr of a product claiming to implcmcnt thc protocol. The filled-out qucstionnairc bccomcs thc PICS for the product. It indicates which capabilities and options have bccn implemented and what limitations might prevent interworking It allows a customer of the product to evaluate its contormance to the standard and to determine whether the product meets the customer’s requirements.
This part of ISO 10161 defines a Protocol Implementation Conformance Statemern (PICS) profomia for the detailed expiessiull of the conformance rcquircmcnts of ISO 10161-1:1997 which incorporates Defect Rcports 1-22 and Amcndmcnt I: ILL Support for Electronic Document Delivery. Details of the use of this proforma are provided in this part of ISO 10161.
The level oI detail required in the proforma exceeds that of the protocol specification by requiring details of the implementor in addition to details of the implementation.
This part of ISO 10161 defines the PICS proforma for the ILL protocol as specified in ISO 10 161-1, in compliance with the relevant requirements, and in accordance with the relevant guidance for a PICS proforma, given in ISO 9646-2. Implementors claiming conformance to ISO 10161-1 shall complete the proforma as part of the conformance requirements.
2 Normative References
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this part of ISO 10161. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this part of Iso 10161 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO/IEC 8825:1990, information technology – Open Systems Interconnection – Spcc/ication of Basic Encoding Rules for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN. I).
ISO/IEC 9646-1:1994, Information technology –
Open Systems Interconnection – Conformance
testing methodology and framework – Part 1:
General concepts.
NOTE – ISO/IEC 9646-1:1994 supersedes ISO 9646-ll991. However, when this part of ISO 10161 was under development, the previous edition was valid and this part of ISO 10161 is theretöre based on this edition, which is given below.
I SOIWC 9646-1:1991, Information technology –
Open Syctems interconnection – Conformance
testing methodology and framework – Part 1:
General concepts.
ISOIIFC 9646-2:1994, informatIon technology – Open Syctemc Interconnection – Conformance testing methodology and framework – Part 2:
Abstract Te,ct Suite specification. NOTE – ISO/IEC 9646-2:1994 supersedes ISO 9646-2:1991. However, when this part of ISO 10161 was under development, the previous edition was valid and this part of ISO 10161 is therefore based on this edition, which is given below.
ISO/IEC 9646-2:1991, Information technology –
Open Systems interconnection – Conformance
testing methodology and framework – Part 2.
Abstract test suite spec jflcation.
ISO 973 5:1988, Electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport (EDIFACT) – Application level syntax rules.
ISO 10161-1:1997, Information and
documentation – Open Systems
Interconnection – Interlibrary Loan
Application Protocol Specflcation – Part 1:
Protocol spefication.
3 Definitions
This part of ISO 10161 uses the following terms defined in ISO 9646-1:1990.
3.1 PLUS proforma: A document, in the form of a questionnaire, designed by the protocol specifier or conformance test suite specifier, which when completed for an OSI implementation or system becomes the PIUS.
3.2 protocol implementation conformance statement IPICSI; A statement made by the supplier of an OSI implementation or system, stating which capabilities have been implemented, for a given OSI protocol.
4 Abbreviatioiis
This part of ISO 10161 uses the following
APDU – Application Protocol Data Unit
ASN. 1 – Abstract Syntax Notation One EDIFACT – Electronic Data Interchange for Admistration, Corn inerce and Transport
IEC – International Elcctrotcchn ical Commission
ILL – Interlibrary Loan
ISO – International Organization for
OSI – Open Systems Interconnection
PICS – Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
TC – Technical Committcc
5 Layout
Annex A contains the actual proforrna Lu be filled in by an implementor claiming conformance to ISO 10161-1. The PICS proforma has been designed to be a self- contained section of this pan of ISO 10161, fur use in testing and procurement.
6 Conformance
A conforming PICS shall:
a. be technically equivalent to the ISO published PICS proforma and shall preserve the numbering and ordering of the items in the ISO PICS proforma.
b. include the information necessary to uniquely identify both the supplier and the implementation.
A supplier shall complete this PICS pruforma in accordatice with the instructions for completion given in clauses 7 and 9.
7 Notations Defined in the Pruforma In order to reduce the size of the tables in the proforma. a number of abbreviations have been introduced. The definition of each of these follows:
For column headings:
‘D’: Defined in ISO 10161-1. This column ijidicates the level of support required for conformance to ISO 10161-I.
‘I’: Implementation indicator. This column shows which parameters or other details have or have not been implemented.
7.1 ‘D’ Column
‘m’: mandatory: support for this feature is required for conformance to ISo
‘0’: optional: support for this feature is permitted, but is not required for conformance to ISO 10161-1. However, if this feature is implemented, it must conform to the specifications and restrictions contained in ISO 10161-I. These restrictions may aftect the optional ity of other features.
‘C’: conditional: support for this feature is
mandatory if certain conditions as specified in ISO 10161-1 are met. the conditions to be met are indicated by an integer referencing a table of conditions at the end of each proforma section.
‘cc’: conditional on supporting communication service: support for this feature is mandatory if the supporting commin ication service is store-and- forward service; support is optional if rhe supporting communication service is connection-oriented.
‘-‘: not applicable.
7.2 ‘1’ Column
The ‘1’ column shall be completed by the supplier or impiementor to indicate the level of implementation of each feature. The Proforma has been designed such that the only entries required in the ‘I’ column are:
‘Y’: Yes, the feature has been implemented ‘N’: No. the feature has not been
‘-‘: Not applicable to this implementation
73 ‘Reference, Usage or Range of Values Column
The ‘Reference, Usage or Range of Values’ column requires the specification of information pertaining W the usage or range of values implemented for a feature, where relevant and/or where the implementation has restrictions or limits not present in
ISO 10161-I.
lithe proforma has insufficient room for a coiiipleie description of the usage or range of values for any particular feature, a reference to an attachment on a separate page may be given here.
8 PICS Numbers
Each line in the PICS proforma which requires implementation detail to be supplied is numbered at the left-hand edge of the line. This numbering is included as a means of uniquely identiflying all possible implementation details within the proforma. The need for such unique referencing has been identified by testing bodies.

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