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ISO 4:1997 download.Information and documentation — Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications.
The rules contained herein are applicable to the abbreviation of the titles of senals and, if appropriate, of non-serial pubhcations. They are intended to guide and assist lmlhcrs, ditnrs, librarians, and othrc working in various fields of information transfer in preparing unambiguous abbreviations for the titles of pubhcations cited, for example. in footnotes, references and bibliographies. Such citations indude those produced by abstracting and indexing services, lists of references accompanying articles, and public or private files where document identification is a concem
Owing to the large number 01 different serial and non-senal pubhcations subject to reference by abbreviated citation, the many different languages in which they are published, the different ways of recording them and the widely diversified backgrounds of persons using title abbreviations, it is not possible to set down rules that will in every instance assure unassisted reconstruction of the original titles of the publications cited in abbreviated form. As one way to facilitate this identification, authors and editors who make extensive use of title abbreviations in their publications are urged to make available to their readers, at frequent intervals, lists of the abbreviated titles they use, with corresponding equivalent unabbreviated titles.
The basic principle underlying this International Standard is that each title should have its own unique abbreviation. This is to be achieved through application of the rules provided by ISO 4 in conjunction with a list of standardized title word abbreviations. It is recognized that for internahonal information exchange an international system for the establishment of unique title abbreviations of senals is also necessary. By this arrangement, no two titles will have Identical abbreviations, nor will a single abbreviation represent more than one title.
ISO 4 giva rules for attrealing trIes of senala and if apprnpnat.. n.earisl documents in languages using lbs Latin, Cynhlic and Greek alphabets. This International Standard also serves as the basis for the establishment of title word abbreviations by the ISSN Network
2 Definitions
For the purposes 04 ISO 4, the following d&w’iatlons apply.
2.1 abbrevIation. Abbreviated term resutting horn the oimsslon of some of its letters. (Adapted from
ISO 1067:1990)
22 abbreviated qualifying element AtA,revialed element added to an abbreviated title in under to make the abbreviated title unique.
2.3 acronym Abbreviated complex term made up of letters from the full torni of a term and strung together into a sequence pronounced onify sylLabically. [ISO 1067:1990)
FXAIAPI AIC4OL = aliy,nfl,nwt nQuagii
2,4 affix: Morpheme which is nmther a stem nor an eridflg but which is attached to the stem in order to Change tS meaning or its lexical or grammatical category, (ISO 1087:1990]
2.5 artifIcial word Word created for a special pwpose and not normally found in ctlonarws
2.6 complex term Term consisting of Iwo or more stems with or without ether terni elements
(ISO 1087:19901
2.7 compound word Word whose component parts are themsetres wards or contined farina.
2.8 contractIon: Shortening of a word, syllable, or word grot by ornasion of internal letters.
2.9 corporate body Organization or group of persons identified by a particular name.
2.10 derivative: Word formed by the addition of one or more affIxes to a stem (ISO 1Q67:t990
2.11 generic term Word or a gro of words in a title thai indicate the kind andlor frequency of a publication
EXAMPLES: AbhanJungen, aiviales, Benctite. bulletin, cahier. annual report, corrle rendu, proceedings. yearbook
1 forsdungslechnotoe • Forch.Iechnol
2 into rnatiedossmr = lntdoss,
3 gazdagstatiiztUa — gazdstat.
Hyphens appeanny . compound words shall be retained.
I bio-acoustc* — béoacoL*t.
2 módecinradioogue • rnöd.r.dioI.
3 tachoasd.-andustflell tecfri.amd.
3.8 Names of persons
The names of persons shall not be abbrevated. Adjectives formed from names of persons may b abbreviated by redixWig th acectivaJ word to the name from wheh 1 was derived,
Mozart Inot abbrebestedl
mozarlien • mozart.
3.9 Names of corporate bodies
Names of corporate bodies occurring wllhm titles of publcatiorw shall be abbreviated In accordance with the nles for word atibrewutions. Whore noborial or international pracftoe commonly uses an acronym rather than the full or partial name of a corporate body, the acronym may be used instead of the sbbrewrated form of name.
1 TSte: Proceedings of the Waernalionaf Seed Testing Asancration
Abbreviated the: Proc. fit. Seed Test. Assoc.
2 Title: The Unlted Nations disarmament yearbook
Abbresatrid title: U.N. disarm yearb.
3.10 Place names
The names of geograplical locahons (l. town, city. state, province or country) may be abbreviated
The names of cities and towns should be abbreviated when they are por1anI places or are frequently used an
titles, or when the names end m eiilises 1*. ‘burgh, -ton. ‘villa, etc.
I Frtourg • Frabg.
2 NewVodc • N.Y.
3 Southampton — Soriair,L
This: Medicme Supplement Abbreviated tide- M.&ina, Suppl.
4.3 ArtIcles, conjunctions and prepositions
Articles. ,lions and prepositions shalt be omitted from title abbreviahoria with the esceptiom of prepositions and articles that ere inl.y& pert. of personal names, place names or locutions such as ‘in vlvo” and ‘we vitro”, or where the s*njctura 01 the language or rwboriai practice prevent these words from belig omitted.
1 Title: The New Hungahen Quarterly
Abbr.viated tells New Hung 0.
2 Tale: Los Alamos science
Abbreviated title: Los Alamo. sci,
3 TItle: Journal of In vitro foiltilzatlon and embryo transter
Abbreviated title: J. In vItro lerill. in’eb.yo tranaf.
Prepositions occurrIng at the beginning of a tide should be retained.
Tide: Vom Abenberger Land
AbbrevIated title: Vom Ab.nb. Land
2 Tide. Vers refcatlon peslnariente
AbbrevIated title: óduc. perm.
4.4 Acronym., group. of Initial., Itter d.signators
Acronyms. inelalisms or lettew de&gnators We a till, shall be retained In the abbrevIated idle
Tide: AEG4ebtteilungen
Abbreviated title: AEG-MitL
2 TItle: Revue clu CETHEDEC
Abbreviated title: Rev. CETHEDEC
4.5 CapitalizatIon
The first latter of the fest element f the tide abbeewlelion shall be capitabzsd Capiteliration of the r.maininy ments may folow national practice or the isqeirements of a specilic application.
Tide: Arctwes cit witernal med.clne AbbrevIated title: Arch. Witem med.
Arch. Intern. Med.
Aide. irdern. Med.
such as section. series. etc. should orgy be retained lithe tide abbreviation it they are required toe ntihcabon purposes-
Title: Annales scientifiques de lUnlvers,to de Besançon. Góologie Abbreviated title: Mn, s. Univ. U•sarçon, G4o1.
Title: Journal 01 botany. S.cilon A Abbreviated tide: J. bat., Sect. A J. bat., A
An abbreviation for the dependent title is required m addition to that of the common title, even when the common title is distinguished by a number or letter as well.
Title: Journal of polymer icienos, Part A.t. Polymer chemistry Abbi-evialed title: .1. pofynt ad., A-I, Polym. chem.
4.9 Distinction and clarification
Abtweviated titles are considered identical when they are composed of the same letters or characters irrespective of diacritics or other punctuation.
Identical abbreviated tides should be distinguished by adthig a qualifying element in parentheses: place (town or city); place and date: edition: or. it thes. are not sufficient, other quabt4ng irdermalion. The guaIifyinQ elenierti should be abbreviated.
Titles: Expflence at Innovations en education
Exp.nertcsas. nnovacion.s an education
Eiiperirnents and innovations in education
Abbreviated tiles Exp. emov. éduc. (Ed. It.)
Ezp linov. educ. (Ed. esp.)
Exp, linov. educ. (Engi. ad.)

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