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ISO 129-5:2018 download.Technical product documentation Indication of dimensions and tolerances Part 5: Dimensioning of structural metal work.
1 Scope
ISO 129-5 specihes the dimensioning of drawings for general use on structural metal work mainly
consisting of plates, bars and prolile sections,
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of ISO 129-5 For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (induding any amendments) applies.
ISO 129-1, Technical drawings — Indication of dimensions and tolerances Part 1: General principles
ISO 1294. Technical product documentation (TPD) — Indication of dimrnsions and tolerances — Part 4:
Dimensioning of shipbuilding drawings
ISO 5261:1995. Technical drawings— Simplified representation of bars and profile sections
ISO 657.1, Hot ‘rolled steel sections — Part 1: Equcd’kg angles — Dimensions
ISO 657-2. Hot-rolled steel sections — Part 2: Unequal-leg angles — Dimensions
ISO 657-16. Hoi•rolled steel sections — Part 16: Sloping flange column sections (metric series) — Dimensions and sectional properties
1St) 657-18, Hot-rolled steel sections — Part Ill: L sections fir shipbuilding (metric series) — Dimensions. sectional properties and tolerances
ISO 657-2 1, Hot-roIled steel sections — Part 21: T-secrlons with equal depth and flange width — Dimensions ISO 10209. Technical product documentation — Vocabulary — Terms relating to technical drawings, produa definition and related documentation
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of ISO 129-5, the terms and definitions given in ISO 10209. ISO 129-1 and the following apply.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
4 Bask requirements
Basic requirements of dimensioning are as follows;
a) The indication of dimensions and tolerances shall Follow the general principles speciFied in
ISO 129.1.
b) The dimensions of structural metal work shall be simple and clear. The standard plates and profile sections should be represented with code.
c) The datum line of dimensioning should be the centroidal line olcomponent.
To maintain readability of drawings and to simplify drawing, dimension lines can be omitted as shown in Fiurf 1.
5 SimplifIed dimensioning of structural metal work
Schematic dimensioning of structural metal work shall conform to the representation method specified by ISO 5261.
The arc length of a circular structure in the frame should be dimensioned on one side of Its line. An example is shown in Figure 1.
6 Dimensioning of component profile
6.1 Profile code
The representation of profile sections shall use the form of Figure 2. A type code or “c is required to rndlcate cold formed sections and that the type code can be omitted for all other types of section “Graphical symbol or letter code” represents the shape of prolile sections. see Table I to Table 3. The proportion and dimensions of the graphical symbols shall be as specified in Anrwx A. “Standard number” is the code of technical standard which specifies the technical requirements of the section. “Necessary size” is the main size of the section. The parameters of size should be separated with the times sign, x, see Table 1 to .
The size and specirication of a component could be indicated by a leader line The cutting length In profile code can be omitted when It has been presented In the schematic drawing and the general drawing. See FIgure 3 b).
The number of components shall be indicated in front of the specilication. see Eigure 3.
When the number of components is large, they should be numbered In the drawing, and the sizes and specifications presented in appropriate columns in a table. See Figure 4.
7.3 DImensioning of weld ing components Annex B provides dimensioning methods of typical welding components.

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