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ISO 404:2013 download.Steel and steel products – General technical delivery requirements.
ISO 404 specifies the general technical delivery requirements for all steel products covered by ISO 6929. with the exception of steel castings and powder metallurgical products. ISO 10474 descrIbes the inspection documents to be used.
Where the delivery requirements agreed upon for the order or specified In the appropriate product or material standard differ from the general technical delivery requirements defined in ISO 404, then It Is the requirements agreed for ordering or specified in the appropriate product or material standard that apply.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of ISO 404, For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (Including any amendments) applies.
ISO 377.Steel and steel products — Location and prepa rat km ofsompksw,dtestpiecesformechanicaltesting
ISO 4948-1, Steels — Classification — Port 1: CIossijicution of steels into unalloyed and alloy steels based on chemical composition
ISO 4948-2, Steels — Classification — Part 2: ClassIfication of unalloyed and alloy steels accordirtq to main quality classes and main property or application characterIstics
ISO 6929, Steel products — Vocabulary
ISO 10474. Steel end steel products — inspection documents
ISO 14284,Steelw,diron —Sampiingandpreparaiionofscimpksforrhedeterminorionofchemtcolcompositlon
ISO 80000.1:2009, QuantIties and units — Part 1: General
3 Definitions
For the purposes of ISO 404, the definitions in ISO 4948-1. ISO 4948-2 and ISO 6929, and the following apply.
activities such as measuring, examining, testing, gauging one or more characteristics of a product or service and comparing these with specified requirements to verify conformity
any operation or action to determine one or more properties or characteristics ala material or product
6 Supply by an intermediary
The intermediary shall submit to the purchaser. the manufacturers inspection documents in accordance with ISO 10474.
ISO 404 tation from the manufacturer shall be accompanied by suitable means of identification of the product. In order to ensure the traceability between the product and the documentation (see Oause 10).
If the intermediary has changed the dimensions or the product, the Intermediary shal4 supply an additional document for these particular new conditions. This also applies to all special requirements given in the order and not delined in the manufacturer’s documentation,
Any organization which during processing changes the metallurgical state of the product is considered as a product manufacturer.
7 RequIrements
7.1 General
The product shall comply with the requirements olthe order,
The manufacturer shall carry out appropriate process control, inspection and testing to verify that the delivery complies with the requirements of the order, irrespective of the type of inspection document required (see Clause 8).
7.2 Chemical composition
Requirements concerning the chemical composition shall he considered to refer to the cast (heat) analysis unless they refer expressly to the product analysis.
7.3 Mechanical properties
7.3.1 Effect of dimensions
Where, in the product standard, the mechanical properties arc specified by dimensional categories such as thickness, diameter etc., the dimension that shall be considered Is the nominal dimension of the product at the prescribed location for taking samples for mechanical tests.
7.3.2 ApplIcable material condition
In the absence of any specification in the order or the product standard, the mechanical properties relate to the as-delivered condition of the products.
7.3.3 Assessment of impact energy value
Where an impact-energy value is specified, without any further information, It shall be taken to represent the average value of those individual tests that shall be assessed as described in
7.4 Surface and Internal quality
7.4.1 General
All products shall have a finish appropriate to the manufacturing route, Minor surface and Internal imperfections that can occur under normal manufactu ring conditions shall not be grounds for relectlon.
— the requirements for sampling and for the preparation of the samples and test pieces (see &3);
— the identification of test units. If any;
— the test methods (see B.3A);
— the address of the inspection body in the case of inspection certificates and inspection reports validated also by external Inspectors.
8.3.12 Place of specific inspection and testing
If the necessary facilities are not available at the manufacturer’s works, the inspection and testing shall be carried out at another place agreed between the two parties, or at an establishment certified by a recognized organization, preferably In the country of manufacture. In the latter case, the products shall not be delivered prior to the receipt of the test results by the manufacturer, Submission for specific Inspection and testing
Where appropriate, the Inspection representative shall be Informed, by the manufacturer or his authorized representative, olthe dateofavallability ofpart or all oftheconslgnment forspeclflc Inspection and testing. Reference shall be made to the order. The manufacturer and the Inspection representative shall agree upon the time and date of the inspection and testing. In order to avoid Interference with the normal operation of the works and time for the delivery of the relevant documentation. Rights and duties of the Inspection representative
In order to carry out the agreed inspection and testing, the inspection representative shall have free access, at the agreed time, to the places where the products to be tested/inspected are stored. The inspection representative shall have the right to be present during the selection of the samples. preparation (machining and treatment) of test pieces and during the tests. The inspection representative shall observe all the relevant instructions in force in the manufacturer’s works and especially the safety rules. The works shall have the right to have him accompanied by one of their representatives. The testing/inspection procedures shall be carried out so that disturbance of the normal run of production Is minimized. Traceability during testing
During the test operations, the manufacturer shall be able to provide traceability between the sample products, samples and test pieces and the test units to which they belong.
8.3.2 Testing frequency
8.32.1 Formation attest units
Foreach type oftest. the test unit shall be specified in the product standard orthe order. Such specifications are normally based on the Indication of whether the test unit shall be composed only of products of
— the same cast (heat), and/or
— the same casting sequence, and/or
— the same rolling unit, and/or
— the same heat treatment condition or heat treatment batch; and/or
— the same product form; and/or
— the same thickness or diameter range; and
— whether the maximum size of the test unit is restricted by mass or number of pieces.

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