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ACI 318M:2005 download.Changes to the First Printing of ACI318-05 as of August 11 , 2005.
Page 12. Section — Replace “Parts 1, 2, and 3” with “Chapters 1 though 7.”
Page 27, Section R2. 1, second paragraph — Change “It” to “feet” and “kip” to “kips.
Page 30, Section R2.2, definition of concrete, structural lightweight, fourth line — Change
“ASTM C 657” to “ASTM C 567.”
Page 33, third definition:
“Registered design professional” should he listed alphabetically, at the top of page. before “Reinforced concrete.”
In the following changes, add the word Standard” before Specification”:
• Page 33. Section 2.2. in definition of “splitting tensile strength”
• Page 37, Section 3.2.1, (a) through (d)
Add the word “Standard” before “Performance” in (d)
• Page 38, Section 3.3.1, (a) and (b)
• Page 39. Section 8th line, enclose “50-mm” in square brackets “[50-rnmj”
• Page 40, Section, (a) through (C)
• Page 41, Section, second line
• Page 41. Section, second line
• Page 41, Section R3.5.3.5, second line
• Page 42. Section second line
• Page 42. Section, 2’, 5Lt, and 6th lines
• Page 42. Section, second line
• Page 42, Section second line
• Page 42. Section (a) through (d)
• Page 43. Section, (a) through (e)
• Page 43. Section, (a) through (c)
• Page 44. Section 3.6.4. second line
• Page 44. Section 3.6.5. 4” and 6” lines
• Page 44. Section 3.6.7. second line
• Page 47, Section 3.8.1, C 94/C 94M-04
• Page 47. Section 3.8.1. C 109/C 109M-02
Add the word “Standard” before “Test Method”
• Page47,Section3.8.1,C 172-04
Add the word “Standard” before “Practice”
• Page 69, Section 5.8.2. second and 4th lines
• Page 69, Section 5.8.3(c), fourth line
• Page 69, Section 5.8.3(d), second line
• Page 57, Section 5.1.4, fourth line
Page 42, Section R3.5.3.6_ i sentence: Change title and number 01 AS IM A 49 to Standard
Specification for Steel Welded Wire Reinforcement, Deformed, for Concrete (ASTM A 497).”
2’ sentence: Change “ASTM A 496” to “ASTM A 497.”
Page 42, Section—Change title as shown: “Standard Specification for Epoxy-Coated Steel Reinforcing Steel Bars.”
Page 44, Section 3.6.6— Change title of ASTM C 618 as shown: Standard Specification for
Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use as a Mineral Admixture in
Portland Cement Concrete.
Page 45, Section R3.6.8: “The use of admixtures in concrete containing ASTM C 845….”
Page 45. Section 3.8.), ASTM A 184/A l84M-Ol—Change title as shown: Standard Specification for Fabricated Welded Deformed Steel Bar Mats for Concrete Reinforcement
Page 46, Section 3.8.1, ASTM A 497/497M-02—Change title as shown: Standard Specification k)r Steel Welded Wire Reinforcement. Deformed. for Concrete Reinforcement.
Page 46, Section 3.8.1, ASTM A 588/A 588M-04 Add hyphens and square brackets as shown:
Standard Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel with 50 ksi L345 MPa
Minimum Yield Point to 4-in. L(l00:mm1 Thick.
Page 46, Section 3.8.1, ASTM A 615/A 615M-04b, second line, delete hyphen between “Carbon” and “Steel.”
Page 48, Section 3.8.1, ASTM C 618-03—Change title as shown: Standard Specification for
Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan for Use as- a Mineral Admixture in
Page 126. Section 10.6.4, In the fourth line from the bottom. ‘or reinforcement” should be “of reintorcernent.”
Page 136. Section Rl0.12.3, last paragraph, second line, change “See l0.O’ to “See 2.1.”
Page 138. Section Rl0.13.4.1. second paragraph. second line, change “See 10.0” to “See 2.1.”
Page 161. Section RI 1.6.1. second paragraph. 4th line, change “3%” to “3 percent.”
Page 162, Section RI 1.6.1, 4th paragraph. last line, change “25” to “25 percent.”
Page 184, Section RI 1 .12.4, second paragraph, 4hh1 sentence — “. . . negative moment slab reinforcement.,
Page 197, Section 12.5.1 —“…butd,, shall not be less than the largerrnallerof8d and 6 in.” Page 207, Section RI 2.11.3, fourth paragraph, change as follows:
Page 245, Section — Equation should be numbered (IS-I).
Page 266. Section 18.4.1 — First sentence, change ‘pr stress” to “prestress.”
Page 270, Table Rl8.6.2—In lirsi row, change the two column headings to: “Wobble coefticient. K per foa(’ and “Curvature coeflicient. j4, per radian.”
Page. 271, Section RI 8.7.2. Second paragraph, third line from the bottom, there is a Greek symbol that needs to he hold and italic.
Page 275. Section Rl8,I0.4. second sentence:
Replace “Reference IS. l6” with “Reference 18.19.”
Page 280. Section RIX.l3.4. 13th line:
Replace “Reference 18.26” with “Reference 18.24.”
Page 288, Section RI8.2l.3. first sentence:
Replace “Reference 18.30” with “Reference 18.33.”
Page 318, Fig. 2 1.4.4:
Replace 14” with 14 in.
Page 338, 21.11.5, last paragraph, first sentence—”,. design story drift ratios andoj the adjacent StC)flCs…”
Page 343, Section 22.2.1—Change “See 2.1” to “See 2.2.”
Page 348, Section R22,6.5. ninth line—Change P,,.. to
Page 367. Section B.1. ninth line, change “B.IX.lO.l4.2” to “B.l8.I0.4.2,”
Page 369, Section Rltl8.I.3:
Immediately following the first paragraph, add the following paragraph:
Section 6.4,4—Tendons of continuous post-teasioned beams and slabs are usually stressed at a vQipgibj1i3cEcibcJcn.donDwf1kisati1fJarJhe c jtj of the concrete cr
section. Therefore, interior construction ioints are usually located within the end thirds of the
span. rather than the middle thusl of the span ps required by 6,4.4. Construction joinis located as described in continuous pest-tensioned beams and slabs have a long history of satisfactory
performance. Thus, 6.4.4 is excluded from application to pres*ressed concrete.
Page 369, Section Rll,18.1.3, second paragraph from the bottom. “B.10,3.2 should be “B.lO.3.3” in both places.
Page 392, Fig. RD.5.2.3. change “%, 4” with “hef = 4 in.”

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