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BS 4553:1992 pdf free download.Specifleation for 600/1000 V PVC-insulated single-phase split concentric cables with copper conductors for electricity supply.
1 Scope
BS 4553 specifies requirements and cli mensi fls fr PVC – insulated single-phase split conceninc cables for operation on an earthed neutral system at nonunal voltages UI) to and including 10(N) V between phases and 600 V to earth. The cables have a central phase conductor insulated with red PVC and a concentnc layer compnsing hare coper wires (earth CC )flt imlity CC )nductor) afl(I copper wires coVere(l wit Ii black PVC (neutral conductor).
The cables are suitable for underground or general use in situations where the combination of ambient temperature and temperature nse (lut’ to loading current results in a conductor temperature not exceeding 70 °C.
1 TE. liii’ tilles of tlw publications referred to in this %Ian4lard are lisied on I he iftSKle back voter.
2 Definitions
For the pLIn0s’s of BS 4553 the definitions given in BS 4727 : Part 2 :Group (18 apply, together with the following.
2.1 rated voltage Ui,. The nominal power-frequency Vt )ltage bet weep pita_se c )fl(luti C ) afll earl h, ft r which the cable is suitable.
2.2 rated voltage U. ‘I’he nominal power-frequency
VOlE age between phase c )nduct rs f r which I he cable
is suitat)le.
2.3 maximum voltage U,. The maximum sustained power- frequency volt age between phase c ,nduct c rs br which the cable is suitable.
2.4 nominal value. The value by which a quantity is
designated and which is often use in tables.
2.5 approximate value. A value which is only
Ni 1E. In hits standard. desvnlwd as approxllnate d noc
(1 )flst plihte reIilireflienI s Iii be vheked I v me.lsurenlents.
3 Voltage designation
The cables shall 1w (lesignated by the rate voltages ‘i, and I r, expressed in the form I /t
For the puqoses of this stanIarl voltage designation is 6(H)/l00t) V.
ft r the l)1II1)ses of this standard the maximum (lesignal ed vc lt age. I ‘m is 11 01) .
TF.  tuidanre on the selection and I)IWflIIH)fl Of cables i given in IJ)IW’fl(Ii A.
4 Phase conductor The phase con(luctor shall be circular stranded or
c mpacl ed si ranle I plai ii annealed copper (class 2),
and, as given in table 1 , shall comply with BS 6360.
5 Insulation
l’he insulation of the central conductor shall be red PVC compound complying with type TI 1 of BS 6746. 11 shall 1w applied by an extrusion process and shall form a compact hoinogeneou..s layer.
The core shall 1w spark tested in accordance with 15.1.
6 Thickness of insulation
The thickness of insulation, determined by taking the average of a number of measurements as described in
16.1. shall 1w not less than the value given in table 2, and the smallest 4)1 the measured values shall not fall below the value given in the table by more than (l0%+0.l mm).
7 Concentric layer
7.1 Neutral conductor
The neutral conductor shall 1w manufactured from plain annealed copper wires. Vhen mea.sure in accordance with 15.5. the number of wires and the resistance of the neutral conductor shall comply with the values given in table 2.
To distinguish the neutral from the earth continuity conductor each wire shall be covered by extrusion with a black PVC compound (having a tensile strength of not less than 4 s/mm- and an elongation at break of not less than 50 %) to a diameter approximately the same as that of the in(livldual wires in the earth continuity conductor.
N4 )TE. The erng %hi .iik n 4 1w regar4fed a. ifl(ILfll Ii n.
7.2 Earth continuity conductor
The earth continuity cofl(tuct or shall he manufactured from bare plain annealed copper wires. Vhen measured in accordance with 15.5. the number of wires and the resistance of the earth continuity conductor shall comply with the values in table 2.
7.3 PVC string separators
PVC string separators shall be approximately the same diameter as the individual bare wires forming the earth continuity conductor.
7.4 Application of concentric layer
1’he concentric layer shall he applied with a right hand direction of lay. The wires forming the neutral conductor and earth continuity conductor shall he apphe(l ifl in(hvidual groups over the insulation with PVC string separators.
Either one or two PVC string separator(s) shall 1w located on either side of the group of hare copper wires to separate ii from the group of covered wires.
The length of lay and the number of strings shall Lw such thai a coverage of approximately 9() % is achieved.
For the 16 mm, 25 mm and :15 mm sizes, the length 4)1 lay shall be not less than the value given in table 2.
8 Binders
One or more overlappe(l synthetic hinder tape(s) shall he applied imnw(tialely over 11w concentric layer.
9 Oversheath
The oversheath shall be an extruded layer of TM 1 PVC compound. compling with BS 6746.
The oversheath shall he spark tested in accordance with 15.2.
( )TE. 1 herihciths.i are normally blaik. but colours other than black may he provided by agncment between the tnanufaurer and purdia.ser. sulject to their suitalii1ii for the particular exposure comhtions under which the cables are to he used.
10 Thickness of oversheath
When measured in accordance with 16.1. the minimum
thickness of the oversheath shall not fall below the
value given in table 2 by an amount more than
(15% + 0.1 nun).
11 Cable marking
11.1 External marking
The external surface of all cables complying with this British Standard shall be legibly markcd with the following elements of marking.
Elenicnt E.ramplc of ,na,*ing
(a) Electric cable ELECTRI(’ CABLE
(h) Voltage (lesignation 600/1000 V
(c) British Standard
nunther uS 4553
(d) Manufacturer’s
identification XYZ
(e) Number of cores and nominal area of phase/neutral/earl h
conductors 1 x 35/35/25
The marking of the items (a) to (d) shall be by embossing or indenting on the oversheath.
For cables with tabulated approximate overall diameters above 15 nun, items (a), (h) and (c) shall appear, in any sequence that is deeme(l neither to confuse nor conflict, on two or more primary lines along the axis of the cable. approximately equally spaced around the circumference of the cable. Items (d) and (e) shall appear on either one of the primary lines, or a secondary line or lines. They can appear in any sequence that is deemed neither to confuse nor conflict, and need not both be on the same tine. For cables with tabulated approximate overall diameters of 15 mm or smaller, the items shall be (hsposed as for cables above I 5 mm except that the marking for items (a), (h) and (c) shall appear on one or more primary lines.
The letters and figures shall consist of upright block characters. The characters shall have a minimum height of 3 mm.
The distance between the end of one element of marking and the beginning of the next identical element shall be not greater than 550 mm for items (a). (b) and (c), and not greater than 1 100 mm for items (d) and (e).
Compliance shall he checked by visual examination and measurnwnt.
11.2 IdentifIcation of year of manufacture
A means of identifying the year of manufacture of the cable shall 1w provided throughoul the length of the cable, either internally or by marking on the surface of the cable.
If the identification is internal the distance between he’ end of one mark and the beginning of the next niark shall be not greater than 550 mm.
NOTE. As an alternative internal marking, an idenlifteataun thread may 1w used.
If the identification is by marking on the surface it shall comply with 11.1(d) and (e) in respect of maximum distance between marks.
11.3 The mark of an approval organization If the mark of an approval organization is used it shall he provided throughout the length of the cable. lithe mark is applied to the cable it shall he on the surface in the form of the symbol(s) specifie(i by the approval organization, an(i shall comply with 11.1(d) and (e) in respect of maximum distance between marks.
Nt )TE. As an alternative to the mark of the approal organization. an idexltificatI,n thread ma 1w incorporated into the cable, as specified hy the approval organization.
11.4 Additional marking
Where additional marking is made it shall be throughout the length of the cable, and on the external surface ol the cable, or by means of a tape or thread within the cable, or by combinaion of these methods. If the a(l(Iitional marking is applied to the surface of the cable it shall not render illegible the marking specified in 11.1 to 11.3.
The ad(litional marking, however made, shall be repeated at intervals not exceeding 11(N) mm.
12 End sealing
Boh ends of every length of cable shall be sealed in such a manner that the sealing encloses the oversheatli.
NOTE. One example of end seahng is the Use of close fitting plastics eaics.

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