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BS EN ISO 8739:1998 pdf free download.Grooved pins Full-length parallel grooved , with pilot.
1 Scope
BS EN ISO 8739 specifies the characteristics of fuIl.length parallel grooved pins, made of steel or austenitic stainless steel, with pilot which have three equally spaced grooves impressed longitudinally on their exterior surface and a pilot to facilitate insertion, with nominal diameter, d1, from 1.5 mm to 25 mm inclusive.
The displaced material to each side of the grooves forming an expanded diameter d2 which is larger than the nominal diameter d1 will cause a non.positive locking fit when these grooved pins are forced into a drilled hole equal to the nominal diameter d1 (see clause 4).
2 Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of BS EN ISO 8739. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on BS EN ISO 8739 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. Members of IEC and ISO maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
ISO 3269:1988. Fasteners — Acceptance inspection. ISO 3506-1:1997, corrosion -resistant stainless steel fasteners — Part 1: Bolts, screws and studs. ISO 4042:—fl, Fasteners — Electroplated coatings. ISO 8749: 1986. Pins and grooved pins—Shear test. ISO 9717:1990, Phosphate conversion coatings for metals — Method of specifying requirements.
3 Dimensions
See Figure 1 and Table 1.
4 Application
The diameter of the hole into which the groove pin is to be inserted shall he equal to the nominal diameter d1 of the mating pin and to tolerance class Hil.
5 Requirements and reference
International Standards
See Table 2.
6 Designation
A full-length parallel grooved steel pin with pilot
wit.h nominal diameter d1 6 mm and nominal
length 1 = 50 mm is designated as follows:
Grooved pin ISO 8739 – 6 X 50 – St EXAMPLE 2
A full-length parallel grooved austenitic stainless steel pin of grade Al with pilot. with nominal dia meter d1 = 6 mm and nominal length 1= 50 mm is designated as follows:
Grooved pin ISO 8739 – 6 x 50 – Al。

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