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BS 5394:1988 download.British Standard Specification for Limits and methods of measurement of radio interference characteristics of fluorescent lamps and luminaires.
1. Scope
Replace the text of Sub-clause 1.2 by the following:
1.2 The frequency range covered is 9 kHz to 30 MHz.
4. Limits
Replace the first sentence In Sub-clause 4.1 by the following:
Luminaires, connected to electrical supplies feeding dwelling-houses in the voltage range 100 V/250 V between phases or phase and earth0 shall have an insertion loss, equal to or greater than 28 dB in the frequency range 150 kHz to 160 kHz, decreasing linearly with the logarithm of the frequency to 20 dB at 1 400 kHz and 20 dB in the frequency range 1 400 kHz to 1 605 kHz. provided these luminaires are designed for:
– linear fluorescent lamps with a nominal diameter of 15 mm, 25 mm or 38 mm;
– circular fluorescent lamps with a nominal diameter of 28 mm or 32 mm;
– U-type fluorescent lamps with a nominal diameter of 15 mm, 25 mm or 38 mm;
– single-capped fluorescent lamps, without integrated starter and with a nominal diameter of 15 mm.
Page 11
Replace the titles and the texts of Sub-clauses 4.2 and 4.3 by the following:
4.2 Terminal interference voltages of luminalres
All types of luminaires for which the insertion loss limits of Sub-clause 4.1 do not apply shall comply with the terminal voltage limits as shown in the table:
5. Methods of m.asur.m.nt of the lnsrtlon loss of luminaires
Replace the first paragraph I,, Sub-clause 5.1.1 by the following:
For luminaires as described In Sub-clause 4,1. the insertion loss is measured as shown In Figure 1, page 25 and, for luminaires for circular lamps as in FIgure 2, page 27, with dummy lamps as specified in Sub-clause 5.2.4 and represented in Figures 4., 4b. 4c and 4d. pages 31 to 35.
Delete Sub-c’ause 5.1.2.
Renumber the second paragraph of Sub-clause 5.1 • I as Sub-clause 5.1 .2.
Page 13
5.2.4 Durawny lamps
Amend the end of the first paragraph as follows: “…in Figures 4a, 4b, 4c and 4d, pages 31 to 35.”
After Figure Ic. on page 35, odd a new Figure Id. (See page 13)
Page 15
Delete Sub-clause 6.1.2.
Page 17
Add in Sub-clause 6.3.6: ‘Only lamps which hav, been in operation for more than 100 h shall be used.”
Page 19
Add in Sub-claus. 7.2.1: “Only lamps which have been in operation for more than 100 h shall be used.”
Delete Sub-clause 7.2.6.
8. lnt.rpr.t.tlon of C.I.S.P.R. radio Interference limits
Replace the text of this clause by the following:
Not,.- Claus. I of thi. publication is b.esd on C.E.5,P.R, .nd.tien No. 6’l.
81 Significance of a C .i.S. P.R. limit
8.1.1 A C.I.S.P.R. limit is a limit which is recommended to national authoritie, for incorporation in national standards, relevant legal regulations and official specifications. It is also recommended that international organizations use these limits.
8.1.2 The significanc, of the limits for typ.-approv.d appliances shall be that on a statistical basis at l.ast 80% of the mass-produced appliances comply with the limits with at least 80% confidence.
8.1.3 Tests shall b. mad.: either on a sampl. of appliances of the type, using the statistical method of evaluation In accordance with Sub-clause 8.1.5 and 81.6; or, for simplicity’s sake, on one appliance only (see also Sub- clause 8.2 and 8.3).
8.1 .4 Subsequent tests are necessary from time to time on appliances taken at random from production, .sp.cially in the case indicated In Sub-clause,
The banning of sales or withdrawal of a type approval, as the result of a dispute shall be considered only after tests have been carried out in accordance with Sub-clause
Statistical assessment of compliance with limits shall be mad. as follows:
This test shall be performed on a sample of not less than five, and not more than 12 items of the type, but if in exceptional circumstances five items are not available, then a sampl. of four or three shall be used.
8.1.5 If insertion loss measurements are performed, compliance is achieved when the following relationship is met:
8.1.6 If limits of terminal interferenc, voltages according to Sub-clauses
4.2 and 4.3 are considered, th. formula in Sub-claus. 8.1.5 should read:
kS L
, S and a hey. the earn. m..nina a. given under Sub-cl.u.. 1.1.5
• factor d.riv.d from tables of the n,ncentrel t djetribution which .neur. with IG confidence thet CIX or more of the production is b.low the limit, the value of k depende on the ee.pI. size n end 1. .tet.d under Sub-cleg,. 8.1.5.
The u.nttti.a a, Str end L are •wpres.d )ogerjthrnlc.liy (d1CiV)).
8.2 When measurements are made according to Clause 6 on appliances where lumiriaire and lamp can be separated a minimum of five luminaires are tested, each luminair. with its own lamp.
If for reasons of simplicity one luminaire is tested it has to be tasted with five lamps and th. limit shall be met for each lamp.
8.3 When measurements an, mad. according to Clause 7 on s•lf-ballasted fluorescent lamps a minimum of five Items are to be tested. (Because of the dispersion of the interference potential of th. lamps, several items have to be considered.)
8.4 For g.n.ral Information, see C.I.S.P,R. Publication 16, Section Nine:
Statistical considerations In the determination of limits of radio interference.

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