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BS 5682:1984 download free.Specification for Terminal units, hose assemblies and their connectors for use with medical gas pipeline systems.
1 Scope
BS 5682 specifies requirements for the construction and installation of terminal units, hoses, hose assemblies and connectors used with pipeline systems for medical gases, including air at 400 kPa for respiratory purposes and at 700 kPa and above for power source purposes, and vacuum.
Connectors and hose assemblies are specified for the following applications:
a) between a pipeline terminal unit and medical equipment;
b) between the permanent pipework and a terminal unit of that system at which the user makes connections and disconnections;
c) between a terminal unit at the end of the permanent pipework and a second terminal unit:
d) between an emergency supply and permanent pipework;
e) between a medical gas pressure regiilator and medical equipment if the regulator has a gas-specific outlet connector.
Certain items of pipeline equipment contain integrally installed hose assemblies which cannot be removed or maintained without dismantling the equipment, e.g. in overhead pendant tracks and booms. If these terminate in a NIST connector they are within the scope of this standard.
BS 5682 does not apply to components used for non -clinical purposes, components within medical equipment or on the patient side of the flowmeter, vacuum connections to medical equipment, other than the appropriate NIST connector, or connections to pneumatic power tools.
NOTE 1 Appendix A to Appendix D give information and recommendations on inspection and maintenance of equipment, servicing of hose assemblies. use of probes to BS 5682 in existing terminal units and materials.
NOTE 2 The titles of the publications referred to in this standard are listed on the inside back cover.
2 Definitions
For the purposes of BS 5682, the following definitions apply.
a flexible pipe designed for use at pipeline distribution pressure
6 Design
6.1 Performance. When determined by the method described in Appendix H, the pressure drop across terminal units and across terminal units connected to hose or pipework within a boom or pendant shall be as given in Table 1.
6.2 Probe retention and release. The probe retaining device shall allow single-handed
insertion, capture and release of the probe when the terminal unit is rigidly mounted.
6.3 Non-interchangeability. The probe, socket assembly and pipeline termination assembly for each terminal unit shall be designed so as to prevent interchangeability with components of other services. See 6.5.1, 6.5.2 and 6.6.1.
6.4 Connection of the terminal unit to the
pipeline installation. This connection shall be
either by means of a brazed joint using silver alloy or copper phosphorus brazing alloy complying with BS 1845. or by means of a NIST connector whereby the body forms the pipeline termination, brazed to the pipe in the same way (see 11.3.3).
65 Pipeline termination assembly
6.5.1 components of pipeline termination assembly. If the pipeline termination assembly can be
dismantled, components which ensure gas
specificity shall be non-interchangeable with those for other services.
6.5.2 Indexing between pipeline termination
assembly and socket assembly. The arrangement for attaching a socket assembly to a pipeline
termination assembly for one particular service shall be of a design which prevents
interchangeability with any termination assemblies for any other service.
NOTE Attention is drawn to the foreword
6.5.3 Isolating valve. Terminal units other than for vacuum shall be provided with an isolating valve to allow maintenance of each socket assembly without having to isolate the pipeline. The isolating valve shall be a component or assembly separate from the self-sealing device specified in 6.6.5.
6.6 Socket assembly
6.6.1 General. The socket assembly shall be
accessible for maintenance. If it can be dismantled, components which ensure gas specificity shall be
indexed and shall be non-interchangeable with those for any other service. If any component is omitted from the terminal unit, the terminal unit shall either be rendered inoperable or shall maintain its gas specificity.
15 Hose assemblies
15.1 Hose used in the construction of hose assemblies shall comply with the requirements of clause 14.
15.2 Hose assemblies used to connect terminal units with medical equipment shall be fitted at one end with a probe and at the other end with the nut and nipple components of the appropriate NIST connector (see clause 11, 15.5 and Figure 8).
NOTE An exception to this is vacuum hose assemblies, for which the nut and nipple components of the NIST vacuum connector are optional (see 13.2).
15.3 Hose assemblies shall he manufactured from materials which are compatible with the gases to be conveyed.
15.4 Hose assemblies used to connect pipework to terminal units in pendants or booms shall be fitted at the ceiling or wall end with the nut and nipple of the appropriate NIST connector and with the corresponding body of the NIST connector at the terminal unit end. Such hose assemblies shall be of a length to suit the pendant or boom.
15.5 Hoses shall be attached to the hose inserts of probes and to NIST connectors by means of compression swaging or a crimped ferrule (see Figure 9).
NOTE Additional bonding by means of suitable adhesives is permissible.
The sleeve or ferrule shall be fitted by means of special purpose tools, normally only available to the supplier of the hose assembly. Such tools shall provide a reproducible crimping performance which meets the requirements of 15.7 and 15.8.
It shall be impossible to remove the fitted sleeve or ferrule without it becoming unfit for re-use.
The internal diameter of the sleeve or ferrule shall be compatible with the external diameter of the hose, so that the joint complies with the requirements of 15.7 and 15.8.
No worm drive or similar detachable clips or clamps shall be used to secure the hose to the hose insert.
No tape or other packing materials shall be inserted between the hose and the hose insert.
15.6 To prevent interchangeability, each hose shall be fitted with end-connectors appropriate to the service it is to convey. The hose assembly shall be tested using a gauge of the type shown in Figure 10. Hoses for booms and pendants shall be tested by joining their ends together.
18 Identification and colour coding of hose assemblies
18.1 Marking. The manufacturer’s identification mark shall be marked on each swaged sleeve or ferrule of each hose assembly. The service name or identification symbol shall either be marked on the nut and nipple end of the hose assembly or be marked on the nut.
NOTE An additional mark, to identify the assembly, is permissible on the colour coded identification sleeve.
18.2 Colour coding. Hoses shall be colour coded either throughout their length, or by means of a coloured band (tubular sleeve) of minimum axial length 25 mm, securely fitted at both ends, as shown in Table 5. Colours shall be as given in BS 1319C, except for vacuum.
18.3 Identification of hoses. Hoses shall be indelibly marked with the manufacturer’s batch number at intervals of I m maximum.
19 Information to be supplied by the manufacturer
Instructions for installation and maintenance schedules shall be supplied with connectors and hose assemblies (see Appendix B).

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